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Western Canada: Home & Birthplace of Some Great Cows

Featured in our 2020 Winter issue written by Bonnie Cooper. 

Western Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – has been the birthplace and/or home of many “big time” Holstein and Red & White show cows. They are cows who have achieved fame as they travelled thousands of miles to compete at major shows like the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF) in Toronto, ON, or World Dairy Expo (WDE) in Madison, WI. Some were bred and always based in Western Canada, while others carried a “passport” stamped with Western Canada as a result of purchases or sales to others.

With the cancellation of most Western Canada shows due to Covid-19 there will sadly be no Cowsmopolitan sponsored All-Western contest for 2020. While nothing can replace the excitement of a show, we hope this look back at just a few of the many great show cows ever bred and/or owned in Western Canada in the last 40 years will spark some special memories.

Continental Scarlet-Red was Grand Champion at the 1982 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Continental Scarlet-Red

Continental Scarlet-Red EX-95-3E GMD set many “firsts” during her illustrious show career. Born in September 1977, this Red & White Romandale Count Crystan daughter was bred by the talented husband and wife team of Norm & Marj Atkins, Continental Holsteins, Leduc, AB, who both died in 2019. Scarlet was Junior Champion at Edmonton Farmfair and Reserve Junior Champion at Canadian Western Agribition as a tall, stretchy senior yearling. As a 2-year-old, she was 1980 HM All-Canadian. In 1981, Scarlet was Grand Champion at Pacific National Exhibition, first 3-year-old at WDE, and then Grand at Edmonton Farmfair before being flown to Toronto where was first 4-year-old at the RAWF (class ages differed then between Canada and USA). She was voted All-Canadian 4-Year-Old and All-American 3-Year-Old that year. Scarlet was the first R&W to ever be All-American and the first R&W to be both All-American and All-Canadian in the same year. In 1982, Scarlet was declared Grand Champion at the RAWF’s Holstein Show. Exhibiting as a 5-year-old, Scarlet earned the Royal title over the legendary Brookview Tony Charity, who was first 4-year-old and Reserve Grand. “The memory that is so vivid when I think of Scarlet is not only the wonderful, kind disposition this cow had, but the exceptional pride and accomplishment that it brought to Norman and Marj to show a homebred Grand Champion at the Royal, especially being the first, and still only, Red & White to accomplish this,” says Norm’s brother, Dr. Gordon Atkins. All-Canadian 5-Year-Old and Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old that year, Scarlet was sold shortly after the RAWF to Jack Stookey, Leesburg, IN. Under Stookey’s ownership, Scarlet was Grand Champion at the US Eastern National Show and Reserve All-American Aged Cow in 1984. She made 30,540 lbs. milk, 4.1F, 3.2P at 6 years. Scarlet was the first R&W to achieve Gold Medal Dam in the US where she had many Excellent and Very Good daughters. Her most accomplished daughter was Stookey Fagin Scarlet-Red-ET EX-94-3E GMD, All-American R&W Aged Cow in 1990 and the first red cow to produce 50,000 lbs. milk. One of Fagin’s best daughters was S-F-L Enhancer Scarlette-Red VG-89 GMD-DOM who was flushed aggressively at Golden Oaks Farms in Illinois.

Manitoba-bred Hanson Prestar Monalisa was 2x All-Canadian and All-American during her cross-continental show career.

Hanson Prestar Monalisa

Possessing a long list of show wins and two All-Canadian and All-American awards is the Manitoba bred Hanson Prestar Monalisa EX-2E. A powerful, well-balanced September 1984 Leadfield Prestar daughter from a GP-83 1* Quality Ultimate dam, Monalisa was bred by brothers Art and Rich Peters of Hanson Holsteins, Steinbach, MB. Monalisa made her showring debut as a senior yearling in 1986. John Buckley, Lindsay, ON, bought her from the Peters at Morris Stampede that summer and partnered on her with Ken Empey, Dorchester, ON, and Wade Reebs, Reaboro, ON. Under their ownership, Monalisa continued to do well, including second at the RAWF before being named Reserve All-Canadian and HM All-American Senior Yearling. In 1987, Greg Wilcom and Charles Burrier of Gay-Ridge Holsteins, Ijamsville, MD, acquired Empey and Reebs’ share in Monalisa. As a senior 2-year-old that year, Monalisa became All-Canadian and Reserve All-American after class wins at the RAWF and US Eastern National. The next year, Monalisa was Grand at the East-Central Ontario Championship Show and scored other strong placings that earned her Reserve All-Canadian and Reserve All-American 3-Year-Old in 1988. Buckley sold his interest in Monalisa to Gay-Ridge in early 1989. That fall, Monalisa captured Grand Champion at WDE and went on to be 1989 All-American 4-Year-Old. Monalisa was one of three different Canadian bred cows who took Grand Champion at WDE for Gay-Ridge within a four year period. In 1990, Monalisa snagged Grand Champion at the RAWF and Reserve Grand at WDE as a 5-year-old while on her way to becoming All-Canadian and All-American. Monalisa made records to 24,389 lbs. milk, 3.5F, 3.0P at 5 years and had a VG Astro Jet daughter in Canada.

Rainyridge Tony Beauty is the oldest cow to ever be Grand and Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo.

Rainyridge Tony Beauty

A show cow more loved and respected with age, Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-5E 9* collected four All-Canadian and three All-American Mature Cow titles during her amazing career. Bred by Ronald Boerchers, Laurier, MB, and born in February 1985, this Marshfield Elevation Tony daughter was sold as a springing 2-year-old to Ray Brown, Rayverley Holsteins, Vista, MB. Nominated for All-Canadian in 1989 (HM 4-year-old) and 1991, Beauty claimed her first All-Canadian and All-American Mature Cow awards in 1992 after being a class winner at WDE. She was 9-years-old when she was Grand Champion at the RAWF in 1993 and again named All-Canadian. In 1995, Beauty was All-Canadian and All-American after being Grand and Supreme Champion at WDE, Reserve at the RAWF, and Grand at Canadian Western Agribition. Gord Rendle and Ridley Wikkerink of Stanhope-Wedgwood, Victoria & Cobble, BC, became partners in this headstrong cow after Agribition and moved her to Vancouver Island. Beauty gained “legendary” status in 1999 when at 14-08 years of age she travelled over 2100 miles one way by semi and ferry from Vancouver Island to become the oldest cow to ever be Grand and Supreme Champion at WDE. Her longevity, frame, dairyness and exceptional mammary system won the hearts of everyone that day. The next month, Beauty and two of her stablemates flew by airplane to Toronto for the RAWF. While Beauty had to settle for Reserve Grand to Grand Champion Acme Star Lily, she would go on to upset Lily for both All-Canadian and All-American that year. Shortly after, Beauty was voted Holstein Canada “Cow of the Year”. Beauty retired from the showring after being Grand at the 2000 BC Spring Show. She died in February 2002 at 17 years old. “It was a great experience for everyone involved with her,” says Gord Rendle. Beauty made 199,868 lbs. milk lifetime and had records to 29,081 lbs. milk, 3.5F, 3.1P. Progeny from her can be found in seven countries. In North America, she had 4 EX and 8 VG daughters, and 4 EX and 1 VG son. Eight of her daughters are Star Brood cows. The highest, Rayverley Prelude Evelyn EX-90-3E 15*, was the mother of Rayverley Leader Ezra EX 8*, 2003 All-Canadian Mature Cow. Another Beauty daughter, Rayverley Briana Milan EX-2E 6*, is the dam of RF Outside Breeze EX-95-2E 2*. Breeze is the mother of Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 14*, the Talent who was All-Canadian and All-American 5-Year-Old in 2010 and Holstein Canada “Cow of the Year” in 2013. A granddaughter of Barbara’s, Calbrett Supersire Barb VG-86, has had several high-ranking Red and Red Carrier progeny.

Acme Star Lily was a perennial show winner, earning numerous All-American and All-Canadian titles and banners, including Grand Champion honors at the Royal in 1998.

Acme Star Lily

Three-time RAWF Grand Champion and All-Canadian and once WDE Supreme Champion, Acme Star Lily EX-2E 8* was a showring force to reckon with. In 1993, Jim Clark of Acme Holsteins, Carstairs, AB, was selling his herd and called Everett & Marylee Simanton, Crestomere Holsteins, Ponoka, AB, to see if they would be interested in buying some of his older cows. “You can call it luck, or I would call it God looking after us,” the Simantons once said, but Clark threw a little May 1993 Hanoverhill Starbuck heifer calf on the truck out of a VG-88 cow they bought. That calf was Lily. At the 1995 Westerner Dairy Showcase, Lily was a handy winner in the junior 2-year-olds before heading off to the RAWF. The night before her Royal debut, Alta Genetics Inc., Balzac, AB, and Continental Holsteins, Leduc, AB, acquired part interest in Lily. “We each had something to contribute to her,” recalls Dr. David Chalack of Alta. The next day, Lily won her class and was HM Intermediate Champion. She was named All-Canadian Junior 2-Year-Old. In 1996, Lily was Reserve All-American and HM All-Canadian Junior 3-Year-Old. As a 4-year-old in 1997, Lily captured her first RAWF Grand Championship. She was also first and Reserve Grand at WDE, earning her both All-Canadian and All-American honors that year. In 1998, Lily was Grand and Supreme Champion at WDE and Grand at the RAWF as a 5-year-old, victories that again made her All-Canadian and All-American. As a mature cow, Lily captured her third consecutive RAWF Grand Championship in 1999 with Dr. David Chalack again on the halter. At the time, she was only the sixth Holstein cow to ever be RAWF Grand Champion three times. When the votes were tallied for All-Canadian and All-American, however, Lily had to be content with Reserve that year having been beaten by Rainyridge Tony Beauty who had been Grand at WDE and Reserve at the Royal. Lily completed her show career with Reserve All-American and HM All-Canadian Mature Cow in 2001. “She was absolutely the cleanest boned cow I have ever worked with,” says Chalack. “She had that dairy strength, a long neck, clean head, and those great Starbuck legs.” Lily made 35,818 lbs. milk, 3.7F, 3.2P at 5 years and nearly 170,000 lbs. milk lifetime despite being on an extensive ET program. Many of her daughters commanded top prices in sales. In Canada, Lily had 4 EX and 12 VG daughters and 5 EX and 8 VG sons. A granddaughter, Nipponia R D Lizabeth EX-96-3E 4*, was HM All-Canadian Longtime Production Cow in 2016.

Stanhope Tiffany Skydome is the centerpiece of a three generation line of Excellent cows who have all been All-Canadian or Reserve All-Canadian.

Stanhope Tiffany Skydome

Stanhope Tiffany Skydome EX-3E 5* is the centerpiece of a three-generation line of Excellent cows who have all been All-Canadian or Reserve All-Canadian. This June 1996 Peartome Skydome daughter is from Stenhouse Muir A J Topper EX-3E 13*, an Astro Jet who was Reserve All-Canadian Senior 3-Year-Old in 1993 for Stenhouse Muir Farms, St. Thomas, ON. Topper was bought by Stanhope-Wedgwood, Victoria & Cobble Hill, BC, and Alta Genetics Inc., Balzac, AB, in 1994 and nominated again for All-Canadian as a 5-year-old in 1995. Topper’s first daughter for her new owners was Tiffany. Stanhope-Wedgwood almost lost possession of Tiffany a few times. Stenhouse Muir, who was to get back Topper’s first calf, passed on her in favor of another mating, and then when Alta Genetics divested some of their partnerships, Stanhope-Wedgwood was able to keep mother-daughter together. At the 2001 Stanhope-Wedgwood Sale, Tiffany was paired on choice with Idee Lustre, with Lustre picked for the top price of $173,000. Tiffany was just three weeks fresh in 1998 when she headed to WDE where she placed first in a class of 42 junior 2-year-olds. She finished second at the RAWF and was All-Canadian and All-American that year. As a junior 3-year-old in 1999, Tiffany was All-Canadian and Reserve All-American after being Intermediate Champion at the RAWF, Reserve Grand at BC Spring Show and third at WDE. In 2002, she was HM All-Canadian Mature Cow and nominated for All-American after being Grand at the US Western National Show and BC Spring Show and Reserve Grand at Calgary Spring Show. Tiffany repeated as Grand at BC Spring Show in 2003. “When Tiffany was standing in her stall, no one noticed her. When she got to the ring, they noticed her,” says Gord Rendle of Stanhope-Wedgwood. Tiffany made 32,731 lbs. milk at 8 years and a lifetime of 142,956 lbs. milk, 3.7F, 3.3P. She had 2 EX (one in UK) and 4 VG daughters. Her best daughter was Wedgwood Trixie Gibson EX-96-2E 4* by Silky Gibson. Trixie was Reserve All-Canadian Senior 3-Year-Old in 2004 after being second and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the RAWF. She followed that with HM All-Canadian 5-Year-Old in 2006. At the November 2006 Stanhope-Wedgwood Dispersal, Trixie sold for the $205,000 top price to Morsan Farms, Ponoka, AB, with Stanhope-Wedgwood remaining a partner. Tiffany, Topper and Trixie all had that show style – a big open rib, balance, frame and good udders. “A good breeding family, they rarely don’t make something nice,” says Gord Rendle.

Idee Lustre was the first of three Lydia family members to claim Grand Champion honors at the Royal.

Idee Lustre

Two-time All-Canadian, Idee Lustre EX-95-3E 10*, was born in Atlantic Canada and finished her career in the USA, but Western Canada deserves the credit for the development of this great cow. Bred by Idee Holsteins, Hunter River, PE, this silky black Robthom Integrity daughter from Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 DOM 19* was born on the last day of 1996. She took All-Atlantic honors as an intermediate yearling in 1998. Lustre had been fresh just three days when she caught the eye of Gord Rendle of Stanhope-Wedgwood, Victoria & Cobble Hill, BC, in the 1999 Canadian National Convention Sale in Nova Scotia. While she sold for $11,000 to Lexis Holsteins, Freetown, PE, Rendle’s partner, Ridley Wikkerink, returned to the east shortly after and acquired her for Stanhope-Wedgwood. Under their care, Lustre was nominated for All-American Senior 2-Year-Old in 1999 after being Reserve Intermediate Champion at the US Western National Show and placing well at WDE and RAWF. In 2000, Lustre was first senior 3-year-old at RAWF and second at WDE and tagged All-Canadian and Reserve All-American. She followed that with an HM All-Canadian 4-Year-Old in 2001 after being Grand at Calgary and BC Spring Shows. Lustre was paired with Stanhope Tiffany Skydome in the 2001 Stanhope-Wedgwood Sale in Ontario where she topped the sale at $173,000 to Ehrhardt Farms, Baldwin, MD. The following year, Lustre was second 5-year-old at WDE. A month later, she clinched Grand Champion and Supreme Champion at the RAWF, the first of three Lydia family members that have become a RAWF Grand Champion. She was declared All-Canadian and Reserve All-American 5-Year-Old for 2002. “Lustre was always one of my favorites,” says Gord Rendle. “I loved working with her. She was a cool cow to be around.” A ninth generation EX/VG, Lustre made records to 55,480 lbs. milk, 5.0F, 3.0P. An exceptional brood cow with progeny all over the world, Lustre has 19 EX and 17 VG daughters in the USA and 4 EX and 9 VG daughters in Canada. Seven daughters are Star Brood cows. Two daughters were nominated for All-Canadian in 2004 – Stanhope Latonia Lee VG-86 6* as a milking yearling and Stanhope Lillie Gibson VG-86 as a senior 2-year-old – while Ehrhardt Durham Logic EX-92 was nominated for All-American Summer Yearling in 2005. Lustre had two sons in AI, Wedgwood Laramie EX-96 ST, who sired several All-Canadians and All-Americans, and Stanhope Sovereign EX-96 ST. Lustre was the “queen” at Ehrhardt Farms for 14 years and died in January 2015 just ten days after her 18th birthday.

Elmbridge FM Loveable Red had a long show career, including numerous wins at WDE and RAWF.

Elmbridge FM Loveable Red

Elmbridge FM Loveable Red EX-94-4E 11* is not only an accomplished show cow, but a mother of show winning daughters. Backed by four VG dams, this Nicrest Patrick Ace Fireman daughter was bred by Peter Tuytel Jr. & Family, Chilliwack, BC, and born in September 2004. At the 2007 BC Spring Show, Loveable was third senior 2-year-old under Judge Callum McKinven, Lookout Holsteins, Canton-de-Hatley, QC. After the show, McKinven asked for a price on Loveable, but was told she was not for sale. In 2008, the Tuytels enlisted McKinven to look after Loveable at WDE where she was first senior 3-year-old and Intermediate Champion R&W. Elmbridge and Lookout became partners on Loveable and she moved to Quebec. The next month, Loveable was Intermediate and Grand Champion R&W at the RAWF. As a 4-year-old in 2009, Loveable repeated as RAWF R&W Grand, while being Reserve Grand at WDE’s R&W Show. In 2011, she was Grand for the third time at Quebec International R&W as a mature cow, in addition to being first 125,000-lb. cow at WDE R&W and second at RAWF R&W. As a 9-year-old in 2013, Loveable was first 125,000-lb. cow and Reserve Grand at New York Spring R&W, first mature at RAWF R&W, and second longtime production cow at WDE R&W and New York Spring Holstein Show. “Looking at Loveable on the pack you’d never think she was much. But when she got on a halter she really ‘came to the game’,” says McKinven. “I have never had a cow so hardy and strong willed. She had incredible udder texture and was a great eater.” Loveable was All-Canadian R&W Junior Cow in 2008 and Senior Cow in 2009, and HM All-Canadian R&W Senior Cow in 2011 and 2013. She took All-American R&W awards as a Senior 3-Year-Old 2008, 4-Year-Old 2009, and 125,000-lb. Cow 2011, plus Reserve in 2013. She was Champion Bred & Owned Cow at WDE’s R&W Show three times. Loveable died at Elmbridge in April 2017 when she was 12. She had a lifetime total of 224,729 lbs. milk, 3.3F, 3.1P and records to 41,506 lbs. milk. Loveable is the dam of 9 EX and 8 VG daughters in North America. Together, she and her daughters won many group classes. At the 2013 RAWF R&W Show, Loveable’s Advent daughter, Elmbridge Lookout Lady In Red EX-93-4E, was Grand Champion, marking the only time a daughter and dam have both been Grand in either the R&W or B&W shows at the RAWF. Lady In Red, a three-time RAWF R&W class winner and Intermediate and Reserve Grand in 2012, was All-Canadian R&W twice and All-American R&W once. Her sister, Lookout Elmbridge Lady Rouge Ex-90-2E 1*, was All-Canadian R&W Junior Cow and All-American R&W Senior 2-Year-Old in 2013 after being first R&W at the RAWF and Reserve Intermediate Champion R&W at WDE.

Blondin Redman Seisme is the first Red and White to achieve EX-97 status in North America and had a illustrious show career.

Blondin Redman Seisme

Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97-2E 3* only spent three years in Alberta, but this three-time RAWF and two-time WDE R&W Grand Champion always carries a part of the west in her heart. Sired by Valleyriver Ruben Redman, Seisme is an eighth generation EX/VG member of the Supra family. Born in July 2006, she was bred by Ferme Blondin, Saint-Placide, QC, and Pierre Boulet, Montmagny, QC. Her dam is Blondin R Marker Supra VG-89 12* and her grandam is the 2009 Holstein Canada “Cow of the Year”, Blondin Skychief Supra Ex-93-3E 35*. Morris Thalen and his team at Morsan Farms, Ponoka, AB, came across Seisme at the 2008 Quebec International R&W Show when she was first junior 2-year-old and Reserve Grand Champion. Morsan Farms bought her the next week at the RAWF where she was first in the R&W Show and then became HM All-Canadian R&W Junior Cow. After giving her time to develop, Seisme competed at WDE in 2010 where she was first 4-year-old and Grand Champion R&W and Reserve Supreme Champion. A month later, she was Grand R&W at the RAWF and Supreme Champion. The night before the 2011 RAWF R&W Show, Seisme was purchased by MilkSource Genetics LLC, Kaukauna, WI. She rewarded her new owners with the Grand Champion R&W rosette and the event’s Reserve Supreme Championship. In 2012, Seisme was Grand R&W at WDE for the second time and then returned to the RAWF to capture her third consecutive R&W Grand Championship, the first R&W to ever accomplish that. She was again RAWF Reserve Supreme Champion. Seisme concluded her illustrious show career in 2014 as first 125,000-lb. cow and Reserve Senior Champion at WDE’s R&W Show and first R&W mature cow at the RAWF. Seisme was All-Canadian R&W Senior Cow in 2010-11-12-14 and All-American R&W Aged Cow in 2012 and 125,000-lb. Cow in 2014. She was the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association’s “Cow of the Year” in 2012. A modern day show cow, Seisme was always admired for her balance and superb udder and feet and legs. In September 2014, Seisme classified Excellent-97, the first R&W Holstein in North America to reach that elite score. Now 14 years old, she is enjoying retirement today at MilkSource. Seisme made records to 43,763 lbs. milk, 1585 lbs. fat, 1272 lbs. protein and has 165,294 lbs. milk lifetime. She has 9 EX and 10 VG daughters in North America. The Supra family continues to produce show winners in both R&W and B&W rings like Blondin Destry Sally EX-93 1*, 2014 RAWF R&W Grand Champion, and Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale EX-96-2E, 2017 All-American Longtime Production Cow and 2016 All-Canadian Mature Cow.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95 left an enormous legacy as both a show and brood cow.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-2E 31* has left an enormous legacy as both a show and brood cow. In 2005, Bloyce Thompson, Eastside Holsteins, Frenchfort, PE, and Jamie Lewis, Lewisdale Holsteins, York, PE, consigned three Braedale Goldwyn embryos from Stadacona Outside Abel VG-88 38* to the PEI Field Day Sale. Frizzells Valleyville Farm, Hunter River, PE, bought the embryos for $750 each. One of those embryos was Missy, who was born in May 2006. As a heifer, Missy was Reserve All-Atlantic Junior Yearling in 2007. In April 2008, Morris Thalen of Morsan Farms Ltd., Ponoka, AB, was on the Island for a sale and stopped at Valleyville. He bought Missy and moved her to Alberta where she calved with a Dolman heifer calf two weeks later. As a junior 2-year-old in 2008, Missy placed first at WDE and the RAWF and was All-Canadian and All-American. In 2009, she only competed in the US where she was first junior 3-year-old, Intermediate and Grand Champion at the US Western Fall National, and first and Reserve Intermediate Champion at WDE before being named All-American again. Less than six weeks after WDE, Missy sold for $1.2 million in the Morsan “Road to the Royal” Sale in Ontario, becoming the second highest priced Holstein to ever sell at public auction in Canada. Her new owners were Gert Andreasen, Ponoka, AB, Van Ruinen Dairy, Lacombe, AB, and Mark Butz, Cedar Rapids, IA, with Morsan Farms retaining an interest. News of her selling captured worldwide media attention and she even had her own Wikipedia page. Missy returned to the showring in 2011 where she was crowned Grand and Supreme Champion at both WDE and the RAWF and then All-Canadian and All-American 5-Year-Old. She was named Holstein Canada “Cow of the Year” in 2012. Missy’s final showring appearance came at the 2013 RAWF where she was first longtime production cow, earning her a nomination for All-Canadian Mature Cow. Missy had immense showring presence and was praised for her incredible dairy frame, strength, balance and tremendous mammary system. She made records to 40,483 lbs. milk, 4.2F, 3.2P. Twice Dr. Gordon Atkins performed lifesaving surgeries on Missy. Flushed extensively, Missy has 9 EX and 38 VG daughters in North America. Many more progeny and embryos were merchandised around the world. Twelve daughters are Star Brood cows. Missy has 11 EX and 23 VG sisters and many of them are also Star Brood matrons. Today, many high-ranking genomic animals trace to Missy through her granddaughter, Morsan Man D Missy VG-85, and her daughter, Butz-Hill Magical Missy EX-94-2E. (See Cowsmopolitan’s Summer 2020 story.)

RF Goldwyn Hailey at her last showring appearance, winning the Production Cow class at the NY Spring Show in 2016.

RF Goldwyn Hailey

RF Goldwyn Hailey Ex-97-5E 7* is a two-time WDE and RAWF Grand Champion. R & F Livestock Inc., Warman, SK, and Westcoast Holsteins (Chilliwack Cattle Co.), Chilliwack, BC, bought Hailey’s dam, Mellholm Louie Hanah EX-92-2E 9*, in 2005 and showed her to HM All-Canadian Senior 2-Year-Old that year. They flushed Hanah to Braedale Goldwyn and when the DNA results came back they learned Hanah’s sire, Rubens, was incorrect. It took 8 months to determine the correct sire was Louie. Fortunately they did, as one of Hanah’s Goldwyn calves was Hailey, who was born in April 2006. Hailey was consigned at 6 months to the 2006 Sale of Stars. Exporter Bruce Smith, Wauregan Farms, Maine, felt Hayley’s pedigree would be attractive to his Japanese clients. David Crack Jr. of Crackholm Holsteins, Richmond, QC, bought Hailey in the sale for Bruce, his Dad and himself for $4250. Hailey was flushed to bulls like Baxter for Japan. She has an EX Baxter daughter now owned by A.L.H. Genetics in the Netherlands. Hailey sold again as a bred heifer for $8500 in the 2007 Crackholm Dispersal to Doug Nelson, Cowtown Holsteins, Derby Line, VT. After an impressive run in the northeast as a junior 3-year-old in 2009, the recently fresh Hailey was acquired by Mario Comtois, Gen-Com Holstein, Drummondville, QC, for $100,000 at the 2010 Excellence of Cowtown International Sale. Comtois brought Hailey to WDE in 2010, but she became seriously ill and underwent two operations for an intestinal blockage. She thankfully recovered. In 2011, Hailey was second 5-year-old and Reserve Grand at the RAWF. In 2012, Hailey became Goldwyn’s first EX-97 daughter in Canada and then earned the “Triple Crown” being Grand and Supreme at WDE, Grand at Quebec International Show, and Grand and Supreme at RAWF as a mature cow. As Bryce Fisher of R & F Livestock says, “It is the greatest feeling in the world to breed a champion.” In 2013, Hailey was Grand at Ontario Spring Discovery. In 2014, she was Grand at WDE, the Supreme Show in Quebec, and the RAWF. Her last showring appearance was in 2016 when she placed first at New York Spring Show. As a mature cow, Hailey was All-Canadian in 2012-13-14, All-American in 2012-14, Reserve All-American 2013, and nominated All-Canadian and All-American 2015. She was Reserve All-American 150,000-lb. cow in 2016, and Reserve All-Canadian and Reserve All-American 5-Year-Old in 2011. After the 2016 Gen-Com Crown of Roses Sale, Hailey spent time at Madystar Holsteins in Quebec where she calved for the seventh time. A few months later, she moved to Budjon Farms in Wisconsin where she completed her career in November 2018 at 12 years old. Hailey was feminine, yet powerful, had beautiful eyes, and exuded presence and style. Hayley had 5 EX and 6 VG daughters In North America. She made records to 36,982 lbs. milk, 4.3F, 3.4P and finished with 234,178 lbs. milk lifetime.

RockyMountain Talent Licorice made her way through Canada and the U.S., achieving banners and ribbons and producing daughters along the way.

Rockymountain Talent Licorice

Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95 8* is a two-time All-Canadian, western-bred, great-granddaughter of Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 DOM 19*. She completes 11 generations EX/VG. Sired by Ladino Park Talent and born in October 2006, she is from a VG-89 10* Rudolph dam. Licorice was bred by RockyMountain Holsteins, Cochrane, AB, Continental Holsteins, Leduc, AB, and Tom DeWaal Jr., Prince George, BC. Licorice sold for $4500 at 8 months old through the 2007 RockyMountain High Sale to Black Forest Farm, Enderby, BC. Many remember Licorice as a fresh, immature senior 2-year-old with an “unbelievable udder” who finished second at several major western shows in 2009. As the show season closed, she was acquired privately by R & F Livestock, Warman, SK, and Westcoast Holsteins (Chilliwack Cattle Co.), Chilliwack, BC. The next fall, despite getting really sick after calving as a senior 3-year-old, Bryce Fisher of R & F Livestock put her on the truck to WDE. She kept getting better and better and at just 8 days fresh was purchased by Ferme Blondin, Saint-Placide, QC. While eighth at WDE, she was Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion at Quebec International Show the next month. At the RAWF, she was Intermediate Champion and HM Grand Champion the same day another great-granddaughter of Lydia, Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto, was Grand. Licorice finished 2010 as All-Canadian and Reserve All-American. The next spring, still milking in the same lactation, Licorice was first 4-year-old and Grand at both Quebec and New York Spring Shows. In July 2011, Licorice sold for the top bid of $420,000 in the International Intrigue Sale held at Ferme Blondin. It was the highest price ever paid for an animal in the province of Quebec at the time. Her buyers were Jeff Butler, Chebanse, IL, Elite Dairy Genomics, Downers Grove, IL, Joe, Amber, Terry & Jeff Price, Chebanse, IL, Frank & Diane Borba, Modesto, CA, and Chris & Les Durrer, Modesto, CA. That fall, Licorice was first 4-year-old and Reserve Senior Champion at WDE. She anchored RockyMountain’s winning Senior Best Three Females entry at WDE, which went on to be Unanimous All-American. Licorice completed the year as All-Canadian and All-American 4-Year-Old. “Licorice was a modern, well-balanced cow with beautiful blending of parts and the best udder I have ever seen,” says Dr. David Chalack of RockyMountain. “She was moderate size and proved that good show cows do not have to be huge.” Licorice has 7 EX and 10 VG daughters in North America and made records to 34,770 lbs. milk, 4.0F, 3.2P. She died in October 2012. 

Bred in Alberta, Wendon Goldwyn Allie, sold to Quebec in the middle of her show career, and earned recognition in the All-Western, All-Quebec, All-Canadian and All-American competitions.

Wendon Goldwyn Allie

One of the many impressive show cows bred by two-time Master Breeder Don Chalack & Family of Wendon Holsteins, Red Deer County, AB, is Wendon Goldwyn Allie EX-95-2E 3*. Allie was a July 2007 natural born, Braedale Goldwyn daughter of Wendon Triumph Alaska EX-91-2E 8*, a fifth generation EX/VG great-granddaughter of Farlows Valiant Rosie EX-94 DOM 2*, 1984 All-Canadian and All-American 4-Year-Old. “Allie was actually a bit immature as a 2-year-old,” remembers Don Chalack, “but she had an amazing appetite and just continued to improve as she got older.” Allie was first 4-year-old and Grand Champion at Calgary Spring Show and Canada Dairy Expo in 2011 before Chalack sold her that April to Steve Moreau of Ferme Laitiere Rayon D’Or Inc., Lemieux, QC. Christian Roberge of Quebec assisted with the transaction. The next month, Allie was Grand Champion at the Canadian National Convention Show in Nova Scotia. She continued to be a top contender all season and ended 2011 as All-Western, HM All-Canadian, HM All-Quebec and nominated All-American 4-Year-Old. A model of outstanding conformation, Allie was destined for even more memorable wins in 2012. That year as a 5-year-old, Allie finished first at WDE, the Quebec International Show and RAWF. She was the unanimous choice for All-Canadian, All-American and All-Quebec. As a mature cow in 2013, she was Grand Champion at Quebec Spring Show. “Allie is the cow that boosted my farm’s name,” Steve Moreau once said. Allie had records to 37,086 lbs. milk, 4.7F, 3.6P. She was flushed and had 2 EX and 6 VG daughters. Unfortunately, Allie and her progeny at Ferme Rayon D’Or died in a barn fire there in April 2017. Because of Allie’s success, Don Chalack did IVF on her dam. Ten Goldwyn full sisters to Allie (3 EX and 4 VG) were born at Wendon where they continue to play a huge part in the herd today. Among her sisters are Wendon Goldwyn Alberta EX-95, a two-time All-Western winner who was HM All-Canadian Mature Cow in 2019, and Wendon Goldwyn Allabuzz VG-89, All-Western and nominated All-Canadian Senior 3-Year-Old in 2016. “A large painting of Allie graces the outside front entrance to our new barn,” says Chalack.

Silvermaple Damion Camomile not only earned her own showring recognition, her daughters and granddaughters have continued their own success today.

Silvermaple Damion Camomile

Achieving respect as a great show and brood cow is Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 4*. In the fall of 2006, Ben & Suzanne Cuthbert, Silvermaple Holsteins, Ladysmith, BC, were looking to buy a 4-H calf for their daughter Erin. At the Stanhope-Wedgwood Dispersal, they bought Stanhope Camila Goldwyn EX-90 2*, a then 8-month-old Goldwyn from Kendu Triumphant Charity EX-93 3*. When Camila was bred to Erbacres Damion that mating produced Camomile in April 2008. Stanhope-Wedgwood, Victoria & Cobble Hill, B.C., became partners in Camomile after she was first junior 2-year-old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the US Western Fall National in 2010. Camomile followed that with fourth at WDE and first at the RAWF and achieved All-Canadian and All-American honors. As a junior 3-year-old in 2011, she was Intermediate Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and Champion Bred & Owned at WDE, followed by Intermediate Champion at the RAWF. Camomile was again tapped for All-Canadian and All-American. “She was a powerful cow with so much style and a great udder,” remarks Gord Rendle of Stanhope-Wedgwood. In 2012, Camomile was Grand at BC Spring Show and the Canadian National Convention Show in Manitoba as a 4-year-old. That summer, Camomile was consigned to the International Intrigue Sale at Butlerview Holsteins, Chebanse, IL, where Butlerview purchased her for the sale’s second high price of $290,000. Camomile would sell again through the final Butlerview Dispersal in March 2016 to Iager Bros., Fulton, MD. She died four months later. Camomile was flushed extensively. As a brood cow, she had the unique ability to produce not only show winning progeny, but high genomic daughters and granddaughters for conformation. In Canada, Camomile has 3 EX and 12 VG daughters, including Wedgwood WH Camomile EX-93, the $81,000 top seller in the 2015 East-West Connection Sale. Camomile has 123 daughters recorded in the American Herdbook. To date, she has 20 EX and 31 VG daughters in the US of which the highest is Silvermaple Bolton Cameo EX-94. Several Camomile daughters have excelled in the showring: Silvermaple Windham Camille EX-92, Reserve All-Canadian and Reserve All-American Senior 2-Year-Old in 2015 and Intermediate and Grand Champion at the 2016 WDE Junior Show; Butlerview Doorman Class EX-91, Reserve Junior All-American Spring Yearling in 2015 and Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion at Wisconsin Junior State Show in 2017; and Butlerview Door Camilla EX-92, Junior All-American Winter Calf in 2014, Intermediate and Reserve Grand at US Western National Spring Show in 2016, and Grand Champion at Indiana State Show in 2017.

Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha was Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo in 2015 for MilkSource.

Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha

One of many show winning Braedale Goldwyn daughters with roots in Western Canada is Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha EX-96-3E. Michael Lovich was farming with his parents, Garry & Dianne Lovich, Lovhill Holsteins, Cherhill, AB, when he made the breeding decision that produced Katrysha in July 2009. Michael and his wife Jessica later took the Lovhill prefix with them when they established their own Lovholm Farm at Balgonie, SK, in 2015. A seventh generation EX/VG, Katrysha is from Bienert Encounter Kim EX-90-4E 4*, who Michael bought for $1800 from Dale Bienert of Alberta in 2006. Lovich consigned Katrysha to the 2012 Canadian National Convention Sale in Manitoba. She sold for $17,000 to Tom DeGroot of T&L Cattle Ltd., Rosedale, BC. The next month, Katrysha was first junior 3-year-old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the US Western National Spring Show where DeGroot sold her to Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH, Hank Van Exel, Lodi, CA, and Entourage, Gaithersburg, MD. As a 4-year-old in 2013, Katrysha was first and Reserve Grand at the US Mideast Summer Show and fourth at WDE before being nominated for All-American. In July 2014, Katrysha sold for $250,000 in the International Intrigue Sale to Butlerview Holsteins, Chebanse, IL. That fall, she was first 5-year-old and Reserve Grand at WDE for Butlerview and then repeated that feat at the RAWF for Butlerview and MilkSource Genetics LLC, Kaukauna, WI, before becoming All-Canadian and All-American. As a mature cow in 2015, and now solely owned by MilkSource, Katrysha was Grand and Supreme Champion at WDE and earned another All-American title. At the RAWF, she finished second and was Reserve All-Canadian. A cow that spelt quality and dairyness, Katrysha campaigned well in 2016-17-18 and was Reserve All-American 150,000-lb. Cow in 2017 and nominated All-Canadian Mature Cow in 2016. She made 40,490 lbs. milk, 4.4F, 3.0P and had 235,848 lbs. milk lifetime before completing her career this past summer. Katrysha has 5 EX and 3 VG daughters in the US. Among her Archival daughters are Ms Milksource RL Krystal EX-94, Grand Champion at Wisconsin Championship Show in 2020, and Ms Milksource Rival Kyra EX-91, Grand at Wisconsin District 7 in 2019. At Lovichs, Katrysha has an EX-93-2E 2* Windbrook daughter and VG Goldchip and Deman sisters, and previously had an EX-93 Sid sister there. A pair of Katrysha granddaughters have been in the news in Europe. Comestar Doorman O’Katrysha VG-89 was first intermediate 2-year-old, Best Udder, Junior Cow Champion and HM Grand Champion at the 2019 All-European Championship Show, and first and Reserve Intermediate Champion at Swiss Expo in 2020 for Comestar Holstein, Quebec, and WTS-Genetics, Switzerland. In the UK, Heavenly So Katrysha VG-88, a Solomon who also has a VG-89-UK full sister, topped Claire Swale’s 2020 Heavenly Dispersal at 9500 gns ($17,000 CDN).

Meadow Green Abso Fanny is a three-time Red and White Grand Champion at the Royal and five-time All-American nominee.

Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red-ET

Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red-ET EX-96-2E is the noted three-time RAWF R&W Show Grand Champion. Bred by Meadow Green Farms, Duncan, BC, this Apples Absolute-Red-ET daughter was born in February 2011. She has 1 EX and 10 VG sisters and is from an EX-90-5E 4* Redman dam with over 205,000 lbs. milk lifetime. Ridley Wikkerink, Wedgwood Holsteins, Cobble Hill, BC, bought Fanny at 8-months-old in the Vancouver Island Club Sale. She later transitioned into the Stanhope-Wedgwood partnership. Tom DeGroot of T & L Cattle Ltd., Rosedale, BC, tried to buy Fanny as a 2-year-old while on her way to/from the 2013 RAWF. DeGroot succeeded in buying her at the 2014 Vancouver Island Show before she was first senior 3-year-old and Reserve Intermediate Champion. Partnering with him soon after was Mike Berry, Powell Butte, OR, and Nathan Thomas of Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH. Pat Conroy, Angola, IN, joined the group, and his share was later assumed by Frank A. & Diane Borba, Modesto, CA, and Frank & Carol Borba, Escalon, CA. Fanny moved to Triple-T. That fall, Fanny was second and Reserve Intermediate Champion at WDE’s R&W Show. In 2015, she was first 4-year-old and Reserve Grand R&W at the RAWF. As a 5-year-old in 2016, she claimed her first R&W Grand Championship at the RAWF. She followed that in 2017 as a mature cow with Grand at both WDE and RAWF R&W Shows. At the RAWF that year reds were also permitted to exhibit in the B&W Show and Fanny finished second there. Fanny returned to the tanbark in 2019 at almost 9 years of age. At just 40 days fresh after calving with twins, she was first 125,000-lb. cow and Reserve Grand at WDE’s R&W Show. Shortly after she classified 96 points. In November, she took her third R&W RAWF Grand Championship, tying the record of Blondin Redman Seisme for most wins. She was also first longtime production cow at the RAWF’s B&W Show. “Those are great cows that can have an udder ready three days in a row,” says Tom DeGroot of Fanny’s RAWF showing which included contention for Supreme Champion. Fanny’s post show credentials are impressive: All-Canadian R&W Senior Cow 2019-17-16-15; All-Canadian B&W Longtime Production Cow 2019; Reserve All-Canadian B&W Mature Cow 2017; All-American R&W 125,000-lb. Cow 2019; All-American R&W Aged Cow 2017; HM All-American R&W 5-year-old 2016 and 4-Year-Old 2015; and Reserve All-American R&W Senior 3-Year-Old 2014. An easygoing cow, “Fanny never has a bad day and eats whatever you put in front of her,” says DeGroot. Due back again in 2021, Fanny has records to 33,454 lbs. milk, 4.5F, 3.7P and a lifetime of over 146,000 lbs. milk. She has 4 VG daughters and has had many embryos marketed.

KHW Regiment Apple 3-Red-ETN

Of the many show cows the Kooyman family of Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, BC, have owned one of their favorites is KHW Regiment Apple 3-Red-ETN EX-94 4*, a March 2009 clone of the famous “Apple” (KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96-4E DOM). The Kooymans purchased Apple 3 as a bred heifer for the top price of $66,000 in the 2011 US National Convention Sale in Virginia. She had already been HM All-American R&W Spring Yearling in 2010 and nominated as a spring calf in 2009. She calved 10 days after the sale with a heifer calf. At WDE’s R&W Show in 2011 it was “Apple Time” as Apple 3 was first junior 2-year-old and Intermediate Champion, while Apple was first aged cow and Grand Champion. The two also paired together to win the Produce of Dam class. The Apples concluded the year as All-American R&W in their respective classes, plus All-American R&W Produce. Two years later, the Apple family made more memories at the 2013 WDE R&W Show. In what Judge Michael Heath said was a “bing, bang, boom” finale, he declared 4-year-old Apple 3 as the show’s Grand Champion, with Reserve going to 9-year-old Apple, the 125,000-lb. production cow class winner, and HM to a Talent daughter of Apple, Ms Candy Apple-Red-ET, who had been first 5-year-old. Apple’s maternal brother, KHW Kite Advent Red-ET, was also the show’s Premier Sire for the fifth straight year. “I can still remember when Apple 3 started in to the ring for Supreme Champion the next day at WDE. It was so hot that she almost collapsed from being overheated,” recalls Jeff Kooyman. Apple 3 rallied and became Reserve Supreme Champion. Combined with her Grand Championship at the US Western Fall National Holstein Show, Apple 3 would be declared All-American R&W and Reserve All-American B&W 4-Year-Old for 2013. A seventh generation EX, Apple 3 made records to 25,397 lbs. milk, 4.4F, 3.5P and is the dam of 1 EX and 8 VG daughters. Her best daughter, Westcoast Defiant Addison, classified EX-95 this past August. Addison sold as a 3-month-old calf for $20,000 in the 2015 Westcoast Classic Sale to Quebequa Holsteins, Victoria, BC, with Westcoast remaining a partner. Sired by Defiant, Addison was recently first 5-year-old and Grand Champion R&W at Westerner Dairy Showcase. As a senior 3-year-old in 2018, Addison earned All-American R&W honors after being first, Reserve Intermediate Champion and Champion Bred & Owned at WDE’s R&W Show and second and Best Bred & Owned at the RAWF R&W Show.

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