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Wendon Goldwyn Aloha Scores EX-95

It was an exciting classification round at Wendon Holsteins in Alberta, Canada this month. Highlights included three VG-87 2-year-olds with a MAX score, six VG 2-year-olds and at just 3 weeks fresh, Wendon Goldwyn Aloha gracefully took on her new EX-95 scoring!

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation 
Roselane Unstopabull Hailey VG 87
Wendon Solomon Alby VG 87
Wendon Dempsey Divinia VG 87
Shanalta Unstopabull Reanna VG 86
Winwright Doorman Latte VG 85 owned by Elitegen & RockyMountain
Wendon Unix Devil VG 85
Wendon Byway Arrow VG 85
Kneehill Impress Dman Sonja VG 85
Wendon Dempsey Diva VG 85 owned by Cor Van Gunst
Elitegen Byway Barb VG 83 owned by Scott & Jillian Hastie
Wendon Duty Pike VG 83
Wendon Artist Raya VG 82
Wendon Unix Amicable VG 80

2nd Lactation 
Westcoast Jacoby Barble VG 88
Wendon Goldwyn Prim VG 87
Wendon Unix Pickle VG 87
Wendon Solomon Wander VG 87
Wendon Carmello Hope VG 87
Wendon Avalanche Deli VG 87
Wendon Byway Deep VG 86
Wendon Douglas Dusk VG 85
Wendon Solomon Dusting VG 85
Wendon Sid Allow VG 85
Poelman Defiant Miss Wendy VG 85

2 New Excellents & 6 ME
Wendon Goldwyn Rest EX 91
Wendon Solomon Drive EX 90
Wendon Tolamika Kingpin Yen EX 92 2E
Wendon Golddust Dividend 2E
Wendon Doorman Viola 2E
Wendon TL Clara 2E
Wendon Goldwyn Aloha – EX 95 3E
Brilyn GC Caycee 3E owned by Scott & Jillian Hastie

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