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Welcome Milk!

Nothing quite focuses the mind like tight milk and feed margins. Every emotion surfaces: Disappointment. Frustration. Regret for actions not taken. And yes, even fear and anger. Welcome Milk!!!!

And with the U.S. exporting one out of every seven days’ worth of milk production, what happens in Ukraine, China or New Zealand now has a direct impact on your dairy’s profit and loss ledger.

As herd sizes and the sheer volume of debt increase, hope is no longer a tenable risk management strategy. And it does not pay the bills.

To help you navigate these stomach-churning seas, Farm Journal Media, along with journalists from Dairy Today and Dairy Herd Management, is today launching MILK, a new dairy eNewsletter, and coming this spring an affiliated print magazine. Both will provide the news, nuance and context to help you better understand the world in which your business must operate.

Things like results of New Zealand’s GlobalDairy Trade auction, and what they mean for price recovery. Or how a blizzard in New Mexico could affect U.S. cheese production. Or how the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes will affect your cost of borrowing money.

We’ll also shoot you stories about consumer trends, government policy, environmental regulations, immigration and labor management issues, and just about anything else that can affect your dairy business. This information will not only help you craft risk management strategies to protect your bottom line, it will help you identify opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. After all, volatility brings both risk and reward. MILK will help prepare you for both.

Again, welcome to MILK!

Source – Dairy Today

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