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Weeksdale Holsteins has Impressive Classification Day

Weeksdale Holsteins had a great day of classifying with an 86.7 point average on 22 animals. 

2yr olds.
Weeksdale Lotus Dasher VG 86 2yr
Karran Avalanche Alisha VG 86 2yr
Weeksdale Dempsey Kia VG 85 2yr
Beckridge Solomon Liddy VG 85 2yr
Eastside Door Amaze VG 85 2yr
Frankstyle Ladd Layla Rae VG 85 2yr
Tierneys Comerica Lady A VG 2yr
Homeridge Gentry Honey GP 84 2yr
Weeksdale Lotus Essex GP 83 2yr

VG 2nd Lactation
Woodmansees Harris Jora VG 88 (pictured right)
Sicy Doorman Brie VG 88
Hi-Calibre Gold Chip Heaven VG 87
Blondin Contrast Angel VG 87
Hendercroft Atwood Ying VG 86
Jacobs Atwood Coniac VG 86
Weeksdale Brady Devan VG 85

3rd Lact + VGs
Pure Sailing Rocket VG 88
Boulet Goldwyn Fiona VG 88
Weeksdale Roco Everest VG 87

Weeksdale Golden Marie EX
Weeksdale Goldwyn Raleigh EX 94 4E
Weeksdale Outside Kamikaze EX 93 3E
Weeksdale Pure Luxury EX 91 5E

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