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Weeks Recipient of 2016 Andrea Crowe Achievement Award

The fourth annual presentation of Andrea Crowe Achievement Award was held at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ont., on November 11th during the National Holstein Show. Weeks Recipient of 2016 Andrea Crowe Achievement AwardThe award, designed to recognize a young Canadian adult who demonstrates enthusiasm and dedication to the dairy industry, as well as active involvement in their community, was presented by the Crowe family to Blair Weeks of Weeksdale Holsteins.

Blair is a kindred spirit with the award’s namesake, fully immersing himself in all aspects of the Holstein industry.  From the show ring, to sales, to judging, this young producer has traveled across Canada and the US building a reputation as a solid cow man with an infectious “joie de vie.”

Growing up on his parents farm in Pleasant Valley, Prince Edward Island, Blair had a solid foundation to build upon with his parents and siblings actively involved in breeding, showing and the 4-H program.  He has further branded his family prefix and expanded their marketing sphere – making Weeksdale Holsteins, a Master Breeder herd, a familiar and respected name nation wide.

Like many in our industry, Blair started showing in the 4-H program and further developed his knowledge by working at local sales and for elite show strings.  He started investing in animals at a young age by developing various partnerships to purchase high quality animals, a practice that still serves him well today.  One of these early partnership animals, Eastriver Dundee Faith capped off his 4-H career with a win in showmanship and conformation at the 2006 Scotiabank Hays Classic.

Partnerships have also provided Blair with a network of friends and mentors he credits with his success.  In turn, Blair has become a role model for younger family members and 4-H members who he advises with their projects.  He has been an instructor at the Atlantic East Gen 4-H Showcase and served as an official at numerous 4-H shows.

Blair is an official judge with Holstein Canada and served as associate judge for the International Ayrshire Show at World Dairy Expo 2016. As a board member with Atlantic Holstein Promotions, Blair is actively involved with selecting judges and guiding the format of the three major shows in Atlantic Canada.

Blair has also undertaken the management of several live auction and tag sales in Atlantic Canada, including the recently successful East Coast Style Sale, which was topped by Weeksdale Judges Harmony.  Blair spends a lot of time on the road looking for quality consignments and his trusted eye is often called upon for sourcing cattle for larger shipments leaving the region.

This also provides the opportunity for him to find prospects, which he works hard to develop into the next show-stopper.  Blair has been met with much success in the show ring and has been part owner on great animals such as Weeks Dundee Anika (bred by his brother Kent) and Lindenoord Goldwyn Albany.

In addition, the breeding program at Weeksdale has produced notable animals such as Weeksdale Judges Harmony, Weeksdale Goldwyn Raleigh, and Weeksdale Doorman Envy, earning the herd Best Bred and Owned awards at the Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo.

Blair has been part of numerous All- Canadian and All-American awards with both homebred and partnership animals.

Blair and his wife Jaime, along with their young daughter Adelle, work with Blair’s family on the day-to-day operation of Weeksdale Holsteins.

Congratulations to Blair Weeks, his dedication and “everyday love of the industry” makes him an extraordinary winner of the Andrea Crowe Achievement Award.

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