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WDE Championship Dairy Product Contest Winners Announced

Organizers of the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest say they received a strong number of entries during this year’s competition. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, more than 1,300 entries for cheese, butter, fluid milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, sour cream, sherbet, cultured milk, sour cream dips, whipping cream, dried whey and creative/innovative products from dairy processors throughout North America were evaluated last week in Madison.

“We are one of the only contests of our kind in the world,” said WDPA Director Brad Legreid. “For many years, there have been cheese contests but not a competition for the other full range of dairy products. This provides a unique opportunity for many companies to stand behind their claims to be the best because they can point to a real standard in which they were judged.”

Crave Bros. Farmstead Cheese of Waterloo was selected as the Cheese and Butter Grand Champion. The winner of the Grade A category was Prairie Farms Dairy of Illinois. And The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, Madison, was the Ice Cream Grand Champion of the contest.

Judging was held on August 17-19. All top placings will be sold at auction during World Dairy Expo later next month.


Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection

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