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Do you want to become an Alberta Dairy Farmer?

Applications are now being accepted for Alberta Milk’s New Entrant Assistance Program, which offers a quota loan at no cost to successful applicants.

The program provides two kilograms of loaned quota for every kilogram bought (previously this was 1:1), up to a maximum of 25 kg/day. The 25-kilogram loan is enough quota to milk 18 to 25 additional cows. The quota loan gradually expires beginning in the 11th year (previously seven years) at a rate of 10 per cent per year.


While using the program, new entrants can expand up to 100 kg/day of total quota holdings (the previous maximum was 70 kg/day). The application deadline is March 31.

The goal of Alberta Milk’s New Entrants Assistance Program (NEAP) is to assist passionate, knowledgeable individuals and families to enter the dairy industry by alleviating some the costs of starting a dairy farm. This program accomplishes this goal by loaning a small amount of the province’s dairy quota to successful applicants to assist them in establishing a viable, sustainable dairy farm.

The New Entrants Assistance Program seeks to assist those who would not otherwise have the financial resources to enter the industry as viable, efficient dairy producers.

The criteria for being accepted into this program includes a combination of need for assistance and the likelihood that the applicant will be a successful, long-term participant in the dairy industry after the assistance provided by this program has expired.

You can view our Producer Policy Handbook, that contains our policies and procedures for further information about becoming a part of the dairy industry in Alberta. For more info, go to the Alberta Milk website.


Source: Alberta Farmer Express/Alberta Milk

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