Walk-Era Farms Classification Highlights

Walk-Era Farms Classification Highlights

Walk-Era Farms had the classifier out last week with some great results and ended the day with an official 110 BAA!

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Classification Highlights

New at EX 92
Walk-Era Defiant Anisha EX-92
Budjon-Abbott Automatic-ET EX-92

New at EX 91
Walk-Era Brazzle Marion EX-91
Walk-Era Guthrie Mahala EX-91
Walk-Era Dempsey Kiki EX-91
Walk-Era Door Monumental-ET EX-91

New at EX 90
Walk-Era Aftshock Robin-ET EX-90
Walk-Era ABSL Alaska-Red-ET EX-90
Walk-Era Monterey Kadence EX-90

Very Good 1st Lactation
Walk-Era Crush Aurella VG-87
Walk-Era Dback Magician VG-87
Walk-Era Dempsey Rachel VG-87
Walk-Era Soloman Koria VG-87
Walk-Era Doc Madeline VG-86
Walk-Era Crush Reaper VG-86
Walk-Era Byway Kari VG-85
Walk-Era Solomon Reina VG-85
Walk-Era Monterey Adios VG-85
Walk-Era Atwood Hampton VG-85
Walk-Era Doorman Sylvia VG-85
Walk-Era Soloman Alex VG-85
Walk-Era Soloman Demi VG-85

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