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Wadeland Dairy Classification Highlights

It was 9 new Excellents for Wadeland Dairy at their most recent classification round! Congratulations on a once again great round! 

Wadeland Ladd 4665 EX-94

Classification Highlights

  • Wadeland Atwood 3249 raised to EX-94
  • Wadeland Ladd 4665 raised to EX-94 
  • Wadeland Mogul 4954 raised to EX-93
    daughter of Atwood 3249
  • Wadeland Mayfield Elegance EX-90
    4th dam Broker Elegance
  • Wadeland Sylvester Pebbles-Red  EX-92
    2nd Lactation
  • Wadeland Beemer 6160 VG-87
    1st lactation
  • Wadeland Doorman Sioux VG-87
    1st Lactation
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