VAS Platform Commercially Available in United States on July 1

VAS Platform Commercially Available in United States on July 1

Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) announces the official commercial availability of the VAS Platform in the United States on July 1, 2018. The VAS Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides dairy operators with real-time access to critical data and reporting from anywhere with an internet or cellular connection. The VAS Platform is composed of three central programs — DairyComp, FeedComp and ParlorComp — that bring together, in a single interface, the three areas of each dairy with the greatest affect on profitability. The web-based software is compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones operated by all common operating systems (MAC, PC, iOS, Android).

VAS also announced a slate of new integration partners for the web-based platform, including Vault Dairy Technologies and CafoPro, that will further extend the reach and effectiveness of each dairy’s data.

“Dairy operators, in the past, have had to rely on separate programs with separate reports and completely different user interfaces to compile all of the information related to cows, feed and milk production — and that has been limited to whatever computer that software was stored on,” says Tim Taylor, CEO, VAS. “The new VAS Platform puts all of that data and reporting directly into the hands of the dairy owners, foreman and other workers from anywhere on the farm, and allows them to make decisions faster based on real-time access to critical information.”

The VAS Platform drives greater reporting capabilities and greater integration of data between each discipline. It does not require the installation of any additional computer or technological infrastructure, and can be used with the computers and mobile devices most operations and employees already have.

“Dairies don’t need more data,” says Taylor. “They need better ways to interpret and place into action the data they already have. That is what the VAS Platform accomplishes.”

The VAS Platform consists of three primary programs: DairyComp, which tracks all critical cow health, reproductive, lactation and production data – just like the current DairyComp 305 product from VAS; FeedComp tracks and reports on all aspects related to feed: mixes, quantities, errors, intake, waste, etc.; and ParlorComp tracks milk production, employee performance and productivity, as well as important quality factors such as washing performance and equipment temperatures.

Each of these individual programs — brought together under the VAS Platform — allow for deeper integration of reporting and data in a single, common interface. This allows for faster, more intuitive reporting and interpretation of data. It also provides a basis for the development of future application program interfaces (APIs) that can tie in partners (veterinary, milk distribution, feed providers, etc.) to create efficiencies throughout the entire dairy ecosystem. And, as a web-based system, it also allows for the integration of multi-site data into a single program.

“The VAS Platform gives dairy owners a greater understanding of the operation as a whole, and serves as a catalyst for making decisions about the performance of the business faster — which ultimately drives down production costs and increases profitability,” says Taylor.

VAS will begin signing dairies up for the new platform in Fall 2017. The company will continue to support its existing computer-based software products after the launch of the new web-based platform.

For more information on the all-new VAS Platform, visit, or call toll-free at 888-225-6753.

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