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The USDA is now involved in the matter of the five stolen cows

John Violette of Monument View Farm in Greenwich is hoping someone spots his five stolen cows.

Now the U.S. Department of Agriculture is involved.

Violette is getting regular updates from the lead Washington County Sheriff’s investigator.

“I can’t believe it even happened,” said Violette.  “I’m still depressed, angered.”
His five cows were among the seven stolen from him and another farmer.

They were taken, along with a literal ton of grain, in the dead of night from a farm in Argyle at the end of July.

Violette is missing three Guernseys, which are not common around here.

One of them is Roxy.

“Roxy was a gorgeous cow.  You could walk her in the ring and as soon as she went into the ring, she knew exactly what to do. She loved people,” said Nicole Tabor.

As a member of the farm’s 4H Club, Tabor used to show Roxy, who won a big prize at the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Now, Roxy and two other Guernseys, plus two Jerseys, and two Holsteins, have disappeared.

“I was speechless, upset, concerned.  We don’t know where they are.  We don’t know if they’re getting fed properly, if they’re getting milked properly,” said Tabor.  “We love them here.  John knows every single cow by name, knows their personalities and these people don’t, whoever has her.”

These days, normally they’d be excited, getting ready for next week’s Washington County Fair.

“I know the girl who was going to show Roxy this year was so excited because like I said, Roxy’s mother had passed this past fall, so it was Roxy’s turn to really come out and shine for herself.  She’s not here, so I know the girl is really upset and we’re really upset,” said Tabor.

“It’s terrible,” said Violette.  “We have to get ready for Washington County next week and without your best, it’s like going to the Superbowl without your best quarterback with you, you know.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Monument View Farm or the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

The reward for information is growing and now up to a couple thousand dollars.



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