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Update on the All-Canadian Contest

Holstein Canada has provided an update on behalf of the Holstein Journal’s All-Canadian Contests.

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Peter English, Holstein Journal owner, was working on the 2019 All-Canadian Holstein and Red & White contests when he died unexpectedly on November 29, 2019. All work on the competitions stopped with his untimely passing. To honour and fulfill Peter’s wishes, the English family has given the go ahead for the All-Canadian contests to resume. Bonnie Cooper, former editor of the Holstein Journal, along with help from France Lemieux of Quebec and administrative assistance from Holstein Canada, will now be completing the contests. All-Canadian Holstein nominations will be published on the Holstein Journal’s website, www.holsteinjournal.com, by the end of February, with winners in the All-Canadian Holstein and Red & White contests being announced on the Holstein Journal website by mid-March.

Exhibitors with questions about the contest may contact Bonnie Cooper (English) at 416-579-6572 or [email protected], or France Lemieux (French) at 819-795-5213 or [email protected].

The family of Peter English would like to thank the Holstein community for the phone calls, cards, emails, industry articles and donations. Tributes to Peter expressing respect over the decades for his promotion and dedication to the Holstein industry, and praise for his character, are so heartwarming and treasured by the family.

Kerry, Colleen, Julie, Barb and Margie

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