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University of Guelph Prolong Cooperation in New Research Facility


Marknesse – The university of Guelph, one of Canada’s top comprehensive research institutions has invested in the state of the art RIC system manufactured by the Hokofarm Group. The RIC system, (short for Roughage Intake Control) is an easy way to measure feed and water intake and to observe the eating behaviour of both dairy and beef cattle.
Arnold van Leeuwen, RIC specialist at the Hokofarm Group, explains why this system is chosen by leading research institutes worldwide;” The RIC system we provide works efficiently and has many options to make a tailor made solution for each situation”. He continues:” Data coming from our troughs is precise and easy to analyse. That is what a research institute is looking for.” Within the field of individual animal feed research, the RIC system of the Hokofarm Group is considered the Golden standard.
The system sold to the University of Guelph contains of almost 100 troughs, which will be placed at the new Elora Dairy Research Centre, set to open in the spring of 2015. There it will be used for researching dairy cattle. “We have multiple research facilities where we already use the RIC system with excellent results” says Dr. Vern Osborne, Researcher and Science Lead at the new Research Facility. “We have worked together with Hokofarm Group and the RIC system for many years now and look forward to the new research capacity that this system will bring to our new Centre.” The university of Guelph also uses an RIC system in the Beef Research Centre also in Elora, Ontario.
For more information about the Hokofarm Group RIC system please contact Mr. Arnold van Leeuwen: +31 527 24 12 65 (mobile +31 6 53 82 02 93), [email protected]

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