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Unique Holsteins Classification Highlights

Corey & Kim Rae, Unique Holsteins, of Mount Forest, Ontario recently had a visit from the classifier.  Some of the highlights include:

Regancrest Celine VG-87 2 yr. (Jeeves sister to Regancrest S Chassity)
Bridor Iron River EX-91
Unique Stormatic Marisa EX-92 3E
Bridgeview Excitation Fuschia VG-85 2 yr.
Bridgeview Remake Frances EX-91 5E
Bridor James Juliet VG-87 5 yr.
Bridor Champion Rosebud VG-88 4 yr.
Bridor Champion Rosabella VG-88 4 yr.
Bridor Hi-Metro Rhianna VG-88 5 yr

Regancrest Celine VG-87 2 yr.

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