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Unique Calcium Supplement for dairy cattle launched

Centaur Animal Health announced on May 22nd, 2014 the availability of QuikCal Calcium Boluses for dairy cattle. The bolus features a unique patented delivery system that allows for its easy, safe administration to the cow and rapid release of both calcium chloride and calcium propionate to provide quick blood serum levels of calcium as well as sustained absorption over time. The result is that calcium-deficient cows are supplemented and better prepared to handle metabolic complications at calving and during subsequent lactation.

“Not only do we incorporate preferred, highly-absorbable calcium chloride and calcium propionate as our calcium sources in the QuikCal Bolus formulation,” says Jeffrey Boily, CEO of Centaur Animal Health, “we also utilize an innovative patented bio-degradable outer wrapper that allows the bolus to be safely and easily administered to the cow without irritation to the esophagus and rumen.” “Post administration, the bolus wrapper quickly releases allowing the calcium powder formulation to be distributed into the rumen fluid and absorbed into the blood stream,” he also mentioned.

In addition to providing highly utilizable forms of calcium and being safe and easy to administer, the cow is ensured of getting the entire dose with no regurgitation or subsequent aspiration issues. QuikCal also contains magnesium to aid in the prevention of convulsions.

QuikCal Calcium Boluses are conveniently packaged in cartons of three sealed pouches containing four boluses each. The boluses in pouches also have the advantage of being stable in temperature extremes. QuikCal Calcium Boluses represent the first of a new line of dairy products that Centaur Animal Health will introduce to the marketplace near term.




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