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Online cattle trading system launched in the UK

A new online livestock trading system was launched on June 6.

Sell My Livestock is being spearheaded by Hampshire-based farmer Dan Luff and web entrepreneur Jamie McInnes and will link to BCMS and Red Tractor data.

There will be photographs, video footage and details of the animal’s vet and feed history.

But livestock auction chiefs said purchasing animals without seeing them in the flesh was a huge risk for potential buyers.

Mr Luff said he was keen to use technology in order to offer a ‘third way’, which provided an alternative to auction marts or direct selling.

Sell My Livestock operates at commission rates of 1.5 per cent on store, breeding and dairy animals.

Chris Dodds, executive secretary of the Livestock Auctioneers Association, said: “Buyers want to see animals in the flesh and know what they are buying is going to meet their specification.”

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Source: Farmers Guardian


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