UK Dairy introduces new high protein low fat milk

UK Dairy introduces a new high protein, low fat milk

UK’S Graham the Family Dairy has expanded its range with the launch of a naturally high protein, low fat milk.

Protein 40 is 100% Jersey milk containing only 1% fat and 40 grams of protein per bottle.

With no additives or preservatives, Protein 40 is described as a product for those who prefer a fresh and natural source of protein, and is available now from Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Graham’s MD, Robert Graham, said: “Protein 40 is a fresh and natural product that we wanted to add to our current protein range. With 40 grams of protein in every bottle and only 1% fat, its an easy option for those who want to add extra protein into their day-to-day life or as part of their workout regime.

“High quality, great tasting, local produce has always been at the heart of our range and this is no different. Our protein range which launched in 2017 has been incredibly well received, and we’re delighted to be entering the market with another healthy and natural, high protein product.”

The family business’s first forays into the high protein market were Protein 22 and Skyr.


Source: The Scottish Farmer

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