UK Dairy company awards German contract deliver milk UK households

A UK Dairy company awards a German company the contract to deliver milk directly to UK households

Dairy company Milk & More has awarded a contract to German logistics group Deutsche Post DHL Group to send 200 StreetScooter electric vans to Britain so it can deliver milk to UK households in a “quiet and environmentally friendly way”.

Reviving a decades-old tradition
After decades of having milk delivered early in the morning, in glass bottles carried by the “Milkman”, on a purring electric cart, the service all but disappeared. Now, however, the advent of the “environmentally friendly” consumer, with a distaste for plastic containers, has prompted a resurgence in traditional milk delivery.

Milk & More, which is owned by the German dairy group Theo Mueller makes more than 1.5 million deliveries a day to over 500,000 British households.

Deutsche Post developed the StreetScooter for its own burgeoning parcel delivery business but has since decided to build and sell the ECVs to other customers. This has prompted speculation of a possible sell off of the StreetScooter business.

The company was initially keeping tight-lipped but Reuters today reported that DHL is considering floating the StreetScooter business.


Source: Fleet Europe

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