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Two New Extension Representatives Added for Ontario

To better serve our members, we have added 2 new Ontario Extension Representatives: Nick Groot in Ingersoll and Michael Bols in Russell. This effort is in collaboration with Jersey Ontario, and will provide more farm-level support to members and Jersey breeders in the province.

This program’s main purpose is to encourage and facilitate use of services offered by Jersey Canada, and animal improvement services offered by industry partners. However, this revised and relaunched field services initiative also includes elements of mentorship and education. Input can be provided on management of Jerseys, breeding topics, nutrition, dairy education outreach at agricultural schools, or connecting breeders to outside resources to help achieve individual goals.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or would like to contact an extension representative in your area, please visit the website. 

Mike Bols
Michael Bols with his wife Monique own and operate Drentex Jerseys in Russell, Ontario. An award-winning herd, Michael and Monique were named this year’s Master Breeders, after winning the Constructive Breeder award in 2019. Along with their hire hand, Mike Black, they milk 35 cows and farm 70 acres in Russell, Ontario, where the Drentex herd was started in 1998. Through hard work and attention to detail, Drentex Jerseys has become an internationally renowned and admired breeder.

We are excited to have Michael on our team. His continued success in breeding for both production and shows exhibits an expertise and deep understanding of the Jersey cow, and has earned him the respect of his peers.

Nick Groot
Nick Groot, along with his wife Trudy and their business partner Jos Heinsbroek, owned and operated Grobrook farms in Ingersoll, Ontario, for 35 years. A tightly-managed operation and a closed herd since 2000, the Grobrook breeding philosophy was towards above average production, high components, high fertility and decent functional type. They excelled among their peers in published results, appearing on the CDN / Lactanet top Jersey herds by LPI multiple times, and had several Star Brood cows and lifetime production award winners in their herd.

The Grobrook herd was dispersed in 2021, and when asked what he would miss most about dairy farming, his answer was the cows and the people. As an extension rep covering Southwestern Ontario, Nick will be meeting lots of cows and lots of people, while sharing his knowledge and experience after a very successful first career.

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