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Tri-Koebel Dispersal added to Holiday Harvest Sale

The Tri-Koebel Dispersal will be held in conjunction with the Holiday Harvest Sale on Thursday, December 21st at the Michigan State University Pavilion in East Lansing, MI.

Tri-Koebel DispersalThe Tri-Koebel prefix recognized throughout North America as a leading and consistent source of high type cattle and genetics.  The Koebel family has enjoyed success in the showring with numerous Holstein and Jersey nominations.

The sale will feature all salable registered young cows and heifers resulting from thirty-five years of breeding.  Cattle are housed in freestalls, milked in parlor, and fed TMR.

The Holiday Harvest Sale will feature live cattle and embryos all sold at live auction.

For more information, request a catalog, and complete sale event schedule for the Holiday Harvest Sale, CaAm Sales Management [email protected] at 616-822-0101.

CanAm Sales Management is a full-service agricultural marketing organization based out of Belding, MI. 

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