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Trans-World Genetics/Sexing Technologies KHW Elm-Park Acme has passed away

Trans-World Genetics/Sexing Technologies announces that recently, just prior to  entering his 9th year, KHW Elm-Park Acme-ET*RC has unexpectedly passed away.  Perhaps the industry’s most successful son of Ladino Park Talent*RC, has ended  his life’s chapter as a worldwide popular Red Carrier sire of show champions.

Acme*RC inherits his breeding ability from the very well-known and  successful Altitude*RC cow family from Kamps-Hollow Farm and the  Speckle-Red/Blackrose*RC family from Elm Park Farms; he was bred through the  combined effort of both farms. Acme*RC was selected, developed, progeny tested  and owned by the very successful partnership of Masterrind and Trans-World  Genetics/Sexing Technologies.

Acme*RC is known globally for consistently  siring outstanding mammary systems and a uniform breeding pattern that produces  a trouble-free cow with excellent milk/ components  and a style that  creates show champions. Acme*RC’s reliability for production is 98% and Type is  96%. He is one of the few bulls that breeds with such extreme reliability while  maintaining a great level for mammary systems at +3.07.

Acme*RC, while  still early in his career, has produced All-American nominations and show  champions in Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. His champions include the  two-time Swiss Expo winner La Waebera Acme Sublime-Red and the three-time show  winner GHH Pepsi.

Fortunately, Acme*RC was a producer of high fertility  semen in great volumes. He leaves behind an inventory of high quality semen at  both Masterrind and TWG/ST.

Semen and additional information on Acme*RC  and numerous other elite sires that are available from TWG/ST can be obtained by  calling 1.800.525.2953, e-mail us at [email protected] or visit

TWG/ST has been building on  the traditions of superior genetics with the Red & White Holstein, Black & White Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey breeds for more than thirty five  years, and is one of the single, largest suppliers of Red & White, Black & White Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey dairy semen and genetics in the  world.

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