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Tramilda Holsteins Celebrates Huge Success After Classification Round

OUTSTANDING is the word that comes to mind when reviewing the latest classification results from Tramilda Holsteins. With 16 Excellent scorings and over 60 new Very Good scorings, an accomplished feeling is definitely being felt for the Tramilida crew!

Classification Highlights

  • Tramilda Jedi Gracious  EX-92  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Brady Paris  EX-92  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Kingboy Alexis  EX-91  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Atwood Styler  EX-91  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Atwood Ashley  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Brady Chili  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Jedi Golden  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Franchise Lynn  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Megasire Lizette  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Atwood Flavor  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Solo GoldRush  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Imax Idaho Falls  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Tramilda Tarrino Iowa  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Stunning BW Lauren  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Jenny-Lou-KJ Modesty 4547  EX-90  EX-MS
  • Nisly-Gen Atwood Shelly  EX-90  EX-MS


  • Tramilda Stunning Beauty  VG-86  VG-MS
  • Tramilda Delta Golden  VG-86  VG-MS
  • Tramilda Doc Suzanne  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Tramilda Gomez Golden  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Tramilda Doc Lori  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Tramilda Zamboni Lynn  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Tramilda-AT Kenosha Lollipop  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Tramilda Effect Wish  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Stunning-M Humblenkind Faye  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Croaky-Pond Lamborghini  VG-85  VG-MS
  • Croaky-Pond Go Laurel  VG-85  VG-MS
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