Top Seller Brings in 78,000€ at 2021 Masterrind Exclusive -Die Auktion Sale - Cowsmo

Top Seller Brings in 78,000€ at 2021 Masterrind Exclusive -Die Auktion Sale

Top seller WEH Royal (S. AltaZazzle) ©Masterrind

When the auctioneer Michael Hellwinkel suddenly speaks Italian and the pedigree reader Stefan Kallaß advertises with “Go for her” – it is time again for Germany’s most exclusive cattle entering the stage. MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE – DIE AUKTION in Lingen took place for the third time on November 3rd 2021 and opened the gates of the Emslandhallen again after two years of pandemic-related absence. Cattle breeders around the world were eagerly watching the screen at this moment, following the bidding process on the most exquisite selection of top animals in genomics and exterior. Bidding went on live in the hall and simultaneously online from home.

With WEH Royal, a sensation in Europe was auctioned. With a gRZG of 168 with 3033 TPI and 1099 NM$, the only four-month-old calf ranks among the absolute world’s top genomic animals. The AltaZazzel daughter, bred by the successful breeder Jürgen Hintze from Trebel, already caused speculations before the auction as to how high the price would go. The hammer fell at an incredible 78,000 euros and the exceptional calf changed hands. The dark Holstein beauty comes with embryo contracts worth almost 50,000 euros.

The second most expensive animal on this successful breeder’s evening was SHA Tabora from Agrar GmbH Auligk in Groitzsch. With 3022 TPI and 1058 NM$, she is a rare and exceptionally gifted opportunity to enter the “high-genomic world” as she is gifted in breeding, according to breeding expert Stefan Kallaß. The Circus daughter was sold to the Netherlands for 40,500 Euros.

A promising investment in the future of 16,000 euros for Peak Plingpling was offered by Marco Hellwig from Neuenstein. The new owner from Saxony can be pleased about an exceptional calve with top genomic values and an impressive pedigree.
The auction site Lingen stands above all for an outstanding collection of calved heifers. These already thrilled in the barn with an impressive overall picture. The most expensive heifer in this segment was the Undenied daughter Beauty by breeding legend Rainer Engelke from Asendorf. She was sold for 7,000 euros to a buyer from Lower Saxony.

DIE AUKTION achieved an average price of 8,200 Euros. A top price for Germany, as the satisfied auctioneer concluded.
The organizer MASTERRIND looks back on a successful evening with a breathtaking show and full ranks.


Provided by Masterrind

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