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Top Notch Results for Ferme Thierry Holstein

Classifying 30 out of 50 cows, Ferme Thierry Holstein had classification results that reminded them that hard work and time really pays off! The herd now boasts 6 Multiple Excellents, 5 Excellents, 28 Very Good and 15 Good Plus cows!

Luck-E Altitude Anneeke EX-93 3E ©Ferme Thierry Holstein

Classification Highlights
Multiple Excellents
Luck-E Altitude Anneeke EX-93 3E
Kamlake Atwood Beatrice EX-92 3E

New Excellents
Thierry Album Vedette EX-91 3rd lactation
Thierry Exploding Bang EX
Thierry Display Volvo EX 3rd lactation

1st Lactation
Thierry Impression Hope VG-86
Thierry Dartagnan Penny VG-85
Thierry Unix Roseflash VG-85
Thierry Overwing Rose GP-84
Thierry Cameo Vegan GP-83
Thierry Lautrust Black Velvet GP-83
Thierry Solomon Rubis GP-83
Thierry Jordy Popsicle GP-83
Thierry Rummy Alyssa GP-82
Thierry Kendal Rosella GP-81
Thierry Noche Lyna GP-81

2nd Lactation
Thierry Impression Rosita VG-88
Thierry Chief Bea VG-87
Thierry Chief Beatrix VG-87
Thierry Lighthouse Flore VG-87
Thierry Noche Sophia Rose VG-87
Thierry Capital Gain Hangelique VG-86
Thierry Impression Sady VG-86
Arolene Gold Chip Elsa VG-86
Thierry Impression Camille VG-85
Thierry Impression Valena VG-85
Mazygen Expander Felicia VG-85
Thierry Expander Plume GP-83

3rd+ Lactation 
Thierry Doorman Hally VG-88
Thierry Doorman Vandal VG-88

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