Top Notch Classification Round for Robella Holsteins

Top Notch Classification Round for Robella Holsteins

The classifier made their way over to Robella Holsteins and the results did not disappoint with 11 Very Good 2-year-olds (average of 84.5 on 21 scored), 3 new Excellents and 7 Multiple Excellents! 


Classification Highlights
VG 2-year-olds

Robella Sidekick Emmy VG-87-2yr Max

  • Grand daughter of Goldwyn Edgeley Ex-94

Robella Sidekick Mirella VG-86-2yr

  • daughter of Sanchez Marabella VG-89-3yr
  • 2 weeks fresh

Robella Undenied Rayne VG-86-2yr
Robella Callen Esme VG-86-2yr
Robella Solomon Mercy VG-86-2yr
Robella callen Calamity VG-85-2yr
Robella Doorman Espresso VG-85-2yr
Robella Solomon Bali VG-85-2yr
Rietben Undenied Daylilly VG-85-2yr
Balgonie Cheif Bebop VG-85-2yr
Jacob’s Octane Satiny VG-85-2yr

VG 3-year-old 
Robella Byway Whiplash VG-89-3yr Max

New Excellent Cows
Autumn lane Doorman Rockstar EX-91
Robella Sanchez Kayden Ex-90
Eastside Lewisdale H.O Amaze EX-90

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