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Top Notch Classification Round for Robella Holsteins

The classifier made their way over to Robella Holsteins and the results did not disappoint with 11 Very Good 2-year-olds (average of 84.5 on 21 scored), 3 new Excellents and 7 Multiple Excellents! 


Classification Highlights
VG 2-year-olds

Robella Sidekick Emmy VG-87-2yr Max

  • Grand daughter of Goldwyn Edgeley Ex-94

Robella Sidekick Mirella VG-86-2yr

  • daughter of Sanchez Marabella VG-89-3yr
  • 2 weeks fresh

Robella Undenied Rayne VG-86-2yr
Robella Callen Esme VG-86-2yr
Robella Solomon Mercy VG-86-2yr
Robella callen Calamity VG-85-2yr
Robella Doorman Espresso VG-85-2yr
Robella Solomon Bali VG-85-2yr
Rietben Undenied Daylilly VG-85-2yr
Balgonie Cheif Bebop VG-85-2yr
Jacob’s Octane Satiny VG-85-2yr

VG 3-year-old 
Robella Byway Whiplash VG-89-3yr Max

New Excellent Cows
Autumn lane Doorman Rockstar EX-91
Robella Sanchez Kayden Ex-90
Eastside Lewisdale H.O Amaze EX-90

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