It's Time to Celebrate US Dairy Industry with June Dairy Month

It’s Time to Celebrate US Dairy Industry with June Dairy Month

With the arrival of June, it’s time to celebrate the US Dairy Industry with June Dairy Month.

Susan Allen with DairyMAX stopped by to visit with Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays to talk about the Oklahoma Dairy Industry and a special emphasis called Honor the Harvest.

Allen says that experts predict farmers will have to grow 70% more food by 2050 to feed the growing population. She adds that the dairy community is committed to being a leader in sustainability and has significantly and voluntarily decreased the resources needed to produce each gallon of milk.

Allen says there are three important pillars to Honor the Harvest.

Feed people.

1/3 of the food grown in this country is wasted and winds up in the land fill.  The most significant thing that we as the general food eating population can do is to buy what we can eat and eat what we buy, which will reduce food waste.

Feed animals.

Cows can eat things we don’t like cotton seed hull and citrus pulp (left over) and instead is that being wasted, they turn that into high quality food like milk, cheese and yogurt to in turn feed the world. (Magical recycling machines)

Feed the land.

Farmers recycle things like manure to fertilize the land to grow more crops to again feed people.

Check out the website Dairy Discovery Zone HERE for recipes to help utilize leftover foods and help Honor the Harvest.

You can hear the off camera interview that Susan did with Ron about Honor the Harvest and the Oklahoma Dairy industry by clicking here. And, be watching this Saturday morning for Ron’s In the Field segment that will feature Susan Allen talking about June Dairy Month.

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