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Tierney Farm Jerseys Classification Highlights

The classifier visited Tierney Farm Jerseys last week while they were in the middle of heatwave which went along great with some of the hot results they had!

Classification Highlights
Raised Excellent Cows

  • Tierneys Roman Luna -EX92 – 3rd lact
  • Tierneys Verbatim Leauna – EX92 – 4th lact
  • Tierneys Getaway to Louisville – EX91 – 4th lact

New EX-90 Cows

  • Tierneys Getaway to Lanai – 4th lact
  • Tierneys Venom Liz – 3rd lact
  • Tierneys Andreas Lorina – 2nd lact
  • Tierneys Impression Lassie Mae – 2nd lact
  • Tierneys Viral Lollipop – 2nd lact

VG85 + First Lactation Cows

  • Tierneys Viral Landree – VG86
  • Tierneys Andreas Lonilu -VG86
  • Tierneys Joel Lucia – VG85
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