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Through the Lens with Vicki Fletcher

Vicki Fletcher of Eastern Ontario is featured in our Winter 2020 issue part of our third series on the industry’s most talented photographers! 

When Kathleen asked me to share a ‘behind the scenes of my favorite scenic photo’ – it was hard to come up with just one in particular. I’ve had so many adventures over the years with some great people to get that ‘unique’ shot.

Starting with the Jerseys in the wheat field – when training with Patty Jones, she asked us to think of a scenic shot to do. Patty arranged it all – always lots of laughs and great memories in those months training with Patty, Ella and Chuck.

A tricky trip into the city of Regina to Mosaic Stadium at Tayler Field – home of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders – with Kenton and Alicia Lindenbach of Robella Holsteins and their crew. “Don’t touch the Turf”.

Walking two miles in PEI with Brian Craswell and Tyler Doiron just to get a cow on a sand bar means plenty of laughs and good-natured ribbing along the way.

It was a true honour to picture the Hendercroft dam and daughter duo, Gumball and Bazooka – both 96 points which is in itself historic. To do so with the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police dressed in their “Red Serge”, and on their majestic horses by one of the oldest RCMP Cabins in Canada was very special. The trip through downtown Ottawa with a cattle trailer and the buses of tourists made for some
challenges, but with the help of a great crew and some RCMP officers – all ended well!

But the King of Scenic Shots – is Bloyce Thompson of Eastside Holsteins, PEI. Don’t ask for permission – take the shot fast – beg for forgiveness later if you have to. But sometimes the best shots come out of the blue. They just happen, and they turn out to be pretty special. Bloyce had the idea of taking a cow to the Wood Island Ferry in PEI. It was a very hot day, so we grabbed some beverages and took a road trip. We wondered around a few different spots took some nice, pretty pictures. Then Bloyce wanted to cool the cow off, so Mitch Johnson took her into the ocean. I followed and without a lot of planning, captured one of my favorite images – one that just captures the essence of beautiful Prince Edward Island!

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