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Three new high type Doorman sires introduced by Semex

This year Semex will have genotyped over 5,000 bulls to ensure it remains at the forefront of genomic cattle breeding. And the huge investment is paying off – the company currently has 50 of the top 100 sires in the UK genomic rankings for Type Merit, and 21 out of the top 100 for PLI, a combination unmatched by any other company.

And now another three have been added – sired by Val-Bisson Doorman, who is currently in huge demand around the world.

Benner Jazznight is out of the very high LPI dam Benner Manoman Janesse GP84, from a family full of star brood cows. His high PLI (£548) comes from a very desirable mixture of milk (+385kg), fat (+0.03%) and protein (+0.04%), low SCC (-16) and high Fertility Index (+6.7). He is also high type at +3.62 UK TM, and is particularly good for feet and legs at +3.44.

Benner Slade is out of a Snowman from the same dam as the popular Semex sire, Sully Hart Meridian. Another high type sire at +3.57 UK TM, with +3.25 for mammary and +2.38 for legs and feet, he is also high for milk (+633kg) and is positive for protein percentage. He is also very low in SCC (-21) and positive for Fertility Index. Slade daughters will be wide and strong with well-attached udders and teats a little longer than average, a trait that is often looked for nowadays.

Benner Slade

Claynook Raleigh’s dam is sired by Windbrook, out of a Man-O-Man, and traces back to well-known Semex favourites Outside, James and Leader.  His UK type scores are +3.35 TM, +3.24 mammary and +2.30 feet and legs. He breeds well-balanced cows with great strength and dairyness, with good milk (+416kg), high protein percentage (+0.07), and low SCC.

“With demand for Doorman himself outstripping supply, his three sons here provide a great opportunity to tap into his bloodline. As a group the bulls add greatly to our existing range of genomic sires, with excellent type and functional traits and with production profiles that will suit all types of dairy farmer in the UK,” says Michael Dennison, national sales manager for Semex UK.

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