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Three New Bulls Available Through Holstein Marketplace Sires

Three new bulls have recently been launched through the Holstein Marketplace Sire program, managed by Holstein Services, Inc. Introduced in January 2019, Holstein Marketplace Sires provides a unique avenue for Holstein breeders to market their genetics. Under the program, bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates marketing and sales.

Visit Holstein USA Marketplace Sires to view complete pedigree and genetic information on these three new bulls, and the five other bulls currently available. The site features many generations of photos from their maternal lines, and commentary from the bull owners.

New Releases

712HO01006 RASBERRY CRSBL RIP CITY-ET, owned by Karl & Donna Hale, Cloverdale, Ore. RIP CITY is sired by OH-River-Syc Crushabull-ET, out of a Very Good-85 View-Home Monterey-ET daughter of Golden-Rose Rasberry-ET EX-91, then 17 more generations of Excellent dams behind that, tracing back to Audrey Posch EX-93 2E GMD. RIP CITY boasts impressive conformation values at +3.21 PTA Type, +2.54 Udder Composite and +1.58 Feet & Leg Composite, complemented by positive component percentages and Fertility Index values.

712HO01007 TERRA-LINDA RYNO-ET, bred and owned by Terra Linda Dairy, Tulare, Calif. RYNO is a De-Su Frazz Tahiti 14104-ET son out of a Very Good-86 Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET with a first lactation production record of over 28,750 pounds of milk, with 1,258 pounds of fat (4.4%) and 914 pounds of protein (3.2%). His next dam is an Excellent-90 Bacon-Hill Montross-ET with over 108,000 pounds of lifetime production averaging 4.0%F and 3.0%P and then through the generations goes back to Robthom Georgia Integrity EX-92 2E GMD DOM. RYNO is a well-balanced bull, coming in at +2769 GTPI®, with strong production numbers of +1,209 PTA Milk and a combined 124 pounds of PTA Fat and PTA Protein, also being Beta Casein A2/A2. RYNO is positive in his fertility traits, is +1.43 PTA Type and +1.41 Udder Composite.

712HO01008 OCD KENOBI FOGHT-ET, bred and owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, N.Y. FOGHAT hails from 11 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams, going back through the Markwell Bstar E Raven-ET EX-95 3E GMD DOM cow family. Sired by De-Su 14222 Kenobi-ET, his dam is a Pine-Tree Burley-ET daughter classified Very Good-87 as a two-year-old and working on her first lactation milk record with 4.3% fat and 3.2% protein. With a +2851 GTPI, FOGHAT brings a package of high component percentages with a combined 119 pounds of PTA Fat and PTA Protein, along with desirable health traits; +5.5 Productive Life, +1.9 Cow Livability and +2.8 Daughter Pregnancy Rate.

Other bulls currently available through Holstein Marketplace Sires

  • 712HO01001 SPEEK-NJ OF DEWGOOD-ET: Franchise x VG-85 Tuffenuff x VG-87 Daddy from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET EX-92 cow family, backed by 11 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams. +2549 GTPI with favorable fertility (1.0 Fertility Index), calving ease (6.6.% SCE) and udder conformation (+2.11 UDC); Beta Casein A2/A2 and Kappa Casein BB. Owned by Dean & Wanda Good, Oconto, Wis.
  • 712HO01002 GOLDEN-OAKS IMAX LOTTO: Imax x EX-90 Pepper x EX-91 Uno from the Comestar Laurie Sheik-ET VG-88-CAN cow family, boasting 11 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams.+2670 GTPI, over 100 pounds combined PTA Fat and PTA Protein with high component percentages (+0.15%F and +0.06%P), and desirable conformation (+1.45 PTAT and +1.38 UDC). Bred and owned by Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, Ill.
  • 712HO01003 HURTGENLEA SPLND MAURICE-ET *RC *PC: Splendid-P x VG-86 Yoder x VG-87 Supersire, seven total generations of Very Good and Excellent dams. +2589 GTPI, heterozygous polled, red carrier bull, who is Beta Casein A2/A2, with outstanding fat (+0.21%F and +81 PTA Fat) and favorable health traits (+3.3 PL and +2.9 LIV). Bred and owned by Hurtgenlea Holsteins Ltd, Elkhorn, Wis.
  • 712HO01004 TRENT-WAY-JS RODDY-ET *RC: Magictouch x VG-87 Silver x EX-90 Uno, then nine more generations of Excellent cows going back to C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97. +2584 GTPI red carrier bull with strong fertility traits (+1.4 DPR) and conformation (+1.31 PTAT and +1.63 UDC). Bred and owned by Trent Hendrickson & John Schneller, Blanchardville, Wis.
  • 712HO01005 OUR-FAVORITE CHARISMA-ET: King Doc x VG-88 Hang Time x EX-94 2E Atwood from one of Our-Favorite Holstein’s foundational cow families; 10 generations of Very Good & Excellent dams with an average classification of 91.2 points. +2536 GTPI with very strong conformation at +3.07 PTAT, +1.91 UDC, and +1.81 FLC; also, Beta Casein A2/A2 and Kappa Casein BB. Bred and owned by Our-Favorite Holsteins, Fall Creek, Wis.

All bulls offered through Holstein Marketplace Sires are free of any undesirable genetic conditions and haplotypes impacting fertility.

Purchasing semen from Holstein Marketplace Sires is simple. Order online or over the phone with your credit card and have semen shipped directly to your doorstep. Buy online by visiting HERE, click the red “Buy Now” button, fill in number of units you would like to purchase, and check out using our secure online system. Or phone in your semen order by calling Customer Service at 800.952.5200.

About the Holstein Marketplace
Holstein Marketplace provides easy, affordable advertising to help Registered Holstein breeders buy and sell Holstein genetics. The advertisements are grouped into broad categories for Females, Breeding Bulls, Embryos and Sales/Dispersals.


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