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The World of Whizzbang

In Brown Swiss circles, Whizzbang is a household name. The dam to World Dairy Expo Premier Sire Top Acres C Wonderment, 10 Excellent offspring and three All-American, Top Acres EJ Whizzbang (5E-93) can now add Grand Champion grandam to her resume. Her granddaugther Top Acres Supreme Wizard-ET (2E-95), captured the Grand Champion title at this year’s International Brown Swiss Show for breeder and owner Wayne Sliker, St. Paris, OH. Cowsmo sat down with Wayne and talked about this tremendous family after the show. 

Top Acres Supreme Wizard


Q. This family has produced numerous All-Americans through the years. What is it about this family that has been so successful?

A. The family has been very consistent in breeding on to the next generation. We have been pleased that several family members we sold have gone to good homes where they had further opportunities to show and reproduce. At Top Acres, Wizard and her full sister Wisp became the 2nd and 3rd Brown Swiss to score EX-95 from the family. Their dam is Top Acres Andre Whisper-ET (2E-93) was nominated All-American herself in 2005. Her daughters have also been Unanimous All-American Produce three times!

Q. What offspring do you have out of Wizard?

Top Acres Braiden Wiza-ET

A. We have merchandised several Wizard daughters including two All-Americans and two Reserve All-Ameircans as well as National and State winners. Currently, the most notable daughter is Top Acres Braiden Wiza-ET, Junior Champion at this year’s International Brown Swiss Show for owner Lindsey Rucks, Okeechobee, FL. We believe they may be the only dam-daughter pair to be named Junior and Grand Champion in the same year at Expo.

Top Acres now has an inventory of calves and young heifers scheduled for next spring and summer sales. Wizard has two sons in A.I. with others to be produced through our ET/IVF program.

Q. What were your thoughts of Wizard being in contention for Grand Champion?

A. Wizard is one of a very few to come back to the show ring every year for 7 years. She had been a strong competitor every year, however, this year she put all of the great qualities together and looked ready for the competition. As the week progressed at Expo, it became more evident she was on stride and “in the hunt.”

Q. Explain the feeling of winning Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo?

A. Winning the “Big One” was both a feeling of joy and relief after having several Reserve Champions over the years!

Breeding, managing, and promoting cattle all are team efforts. We have been fortunate to have reliable team players both home on the farm and at the shows. Jayson Garrett has been at Top Acres for 26 years and is Wizard’s best friend. Connie Sliker raised Wizard from birth and is president of her fan club. After a couple herd sales, Top Acres no longer fields a full show string and depend on the talented Delbert and Heather Yoder to provide the home away from home. We are indebted to these people for their special care and dedication.


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