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The UK’s favourite Shottle son becomes Holstein ‘bull of the moment’

Cogent Twist celebrates his position as the most profitable bull with a UK index as DairyCo publish the April 2014 Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) ranking.

 As 149 extra daughters from 65 different UK herds are added to his figures, Twist becomes the highest available UK proven bull.

Twist’s PLI of £244 reflects not only his supreme production performance, but also his steadily rising type index which has continued to improve as daughters have been added. Health and fitness are further features, with Twist making big improvements to locomotion while lowering cell counts and increasing daughter lifespan. On top of that, Twist will add width to his daughters who are very efficient producers that keep body condition all the way through.

Furthermore, Cogent are pleased to see that this latest run has seen Cogent Twist’s US figures increase. Twist is now breaking the 2000 mark for GTPI at 2027 GTPI along with $584 Net Merit, making him a very attractive and usable bull.

“We feel this makes Twist the ‘bull of the moment’, and we’ve been delighted to see his steady progress and hear outstanding farmer reports as more and more daughters have come into milk on UK farms,” says Tom Peters from Cogent.

Not only does Twist now have 245 daughters milking in 126 UK herds, but daughters are also starting to calve in herds around the world, including in The Netherlands, Italy, Australia and South Africa.

Twist is widely considered to be the leading son of Picston Shottle and is moving into a new era as his global impact is only starting to be realised.

Norton Twist Berry            cogent
Daughter of Cogent Twist-Norton Twist Berry


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