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The Revolutionary Genus ABS TransitionRight Index is now available

Following the recent launch of TransitionRight, the Genus ABS revolutionary genetic selection tool that helps to prevent the post-calving metabolic disorders that occur during transition, Genus ABS is pleased to announce that TransitionRight Index is now available for all Genus ABS Holstein and Friesian bulls.

Transition health disorders can cost you serious time, money and productivity. With 75% of disease in dairy cows occurring in the first 30 days in milk and with as many as 50% of high-producing cows affected, transition cow disorders take a major toll on your dairy operation and bottom line. In a year, it is not uncommon to lose in excess of 6% of a herd due to transition cow problems.
Until now, help to reduce the incidence of such disorders through the use of genetics has not been available.   More than 20 million cow records from around the globe provide the foundation for TransitionRight – this incredibly powerful data enables you to strategically select Genus ABS sires that will enhance the transition health of your herd.
A five-star TransitionRight sire provides you with the potential to save £136 more for each lactation, than a one-star sire.  Five-star sires also offer the potential to reduce cases of mastitis, metritis and Ketosis by 7%, 6% and 4% respectively.
Genus ABS offers a seriously impressive line-up of five-star sires.  At +0.07%, Classic offers a huge protein percentage improvement, as well as being an incredible fertility (+15.8) and longevity sire (+0.6).  Classics daughters will live six months longer and get back in-calf eight days faster than daughters from the average sire.
Armitage is the consummate milk sire, improving both overall milk yield (+579kg) and fat percentages (+0.01%).  He will boost daughter fertility (+13 Fertility Index) and lower somatic cell counts (-13SCC).
Franchise is the highest type sire of the group.  He provides all round improvement, especially for rear udders (+2.7). His daughters excel for longevity (+0.3), fertility (+6.9), cell counts (-11) and milk (+355) with high fat percentages (+0.04%).
This trio is just a small selection of the five-star TransitionRight sires available.  As well as excelling for this revolutionary new trait, they also offer significant improvement in many other areas, confirming TransitionRight as the clear choice for genetic selection.
For further information about TransitionRight, please contact your local Genus ABS representative.  The full line-up of sires is available from  You may also find the Genus ABS TranstitionRight video informative.


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