The Legacy of KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET

The Legacy of KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET

We are sad to announce the passing of legendary KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET May 3, 2004 – January 2, 2020.

Excellent-96 4E DOM 28*
4-01 2x 365d 35,750 4.7 1682 3.7 1314
9-01 2x 365d 36,750 4.3 1582 3.3 1211
Lifetime: 240,640 4.7 11394 3.6 8559

It is with very heavy hearts we report that our beloved Apple is no longer with us. She welcomed in 2020, but then God decided her earthly deeds were complete. Everyone involved with Apple Partners has been so very blessed to have her in our lives. She truly was a one in a million kind of cow. Her influence on the industry and our lives is immeasurable. So many adjectives could be used to describe Apple, but let’s just leave it at “one-of-a-kind”. She was always a vibrant lady with a unique personality!

Her accomplishments could fill a book, but a few of the highlights include:
• Grand Champion International Red & White Show 2011
• Unanimous All-American Junior Two-Year-Old 2006
• All-American Red & White 125,000 lb. Cow 2013
• All-American Red & White Aged Cow 2011
• World Champion Red & White Cow 2010 & 2014
• Reserve Grand Champion International Red & White Show 2013
• Reserve Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair Red & White Show 2009
• Premier Breeder International Red & White Show 2017 & 2019

While we have enjoyed much success with Apple, we are very humbled and proud that so many fellow breeders have shared in that success by including Apple genetics in their breeding programs. We appreciate your confidence and faith in Apple and are extremely grateful for the friendships that have formed across the globe because of Apple. To all those that have been involved in caring for this legend, please accept our sincere thanks.

‘A remarkable lady who touched so many lives and made so many memories! She will always be the Apple of our eyes! Her influence will live on.’

Apple bringing in 2020


Provided by Paula Bovre

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