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“The Best Of The Best”

Foundation Genetics is proud to release their latest Genomic Superstar, 080H6052 Stantons HIGH OCTANEHIGH OCTANE joins his full brother 080H6053 Stantons CAPITAL GAIN in the active line up.   Both HIGH OCTANE and CAPITAL GAIN represent a genetic package that has not been matched.  They are the only 2 bulls on the April Top 100 genomic list that are over +4.0 PTAT.   Not being content with  being just a high type bull, CAPITAL GAIN and HIGH OCTANE both boast impressive production (over +2000 Milk) as well as coming in at over +2500 GTPI.

HIGH OCTANE in his own right is +4.43 PTAT.  He reaches this impressive number on the strength of his udders:

  • UDC: +4.10
  • F. Udder Attachment: +5.08
  • R. Udder Height: +5.39
  • R Udder Width +4.96
  • Udder Depth +4.26


         HIGH OCTANE also boasts a GTPI of +2512 with PTAM +2096.

HIGH OCTANE’s outstanding numbers are the result of years of careful breeding.  HIGH OCTANE is a McCutchen from MS Chassity Obs Claire VG-87-2yr.   Claire made an impressive record of 1-10 365D 43 545 3.7 1625  2.9 1263 lbs.   She is an Observer from Regancrest  S ChassityChassity completes 7 generation of EX cows.

       HIGH OCTANE semen is now at Transova and Boviteq and is available for shipment to your door.   See the complete Canadian and USA proof on HIGH OCTANE and CAPITAL GAIN and the rest of the exciting line-up at the following links:


For Canadian Sales, contact Foundation Genetics.

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For USA and European orders, contact Taurus Service Inc.

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