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The Ayrshires Stand Out at Latest Classification Round

The Ayrshires had a grand classification day at Florent, Vicky and Bianca Foley’s place in Quebec! A major highlight is the continued rising score for Vieux village BK Jewel who is now EX 95-5E!

Vieux village BK Jewel EX 95-5E at the 2019 National Ayrshire show where she was HM Grand Champion and 2nd 4-Year-Old.

Classification Highlights

  • Vieux village Gentleman Joy VG 89 (2nd calf)
  • Vieux village Gentleman Montana VG 87 (Junior 2)

4 New Excellent

  • Gentleman Trixie EX 92 (3nd calf)
  • Gentleman Camelia EX 91 (3nd calf)
  • Predator Dakota EX 91 (3nd calf)
  • Gentleman Josie EX 90 (3nd calf)


  • Charleston Monia EX 93-8E
  • Charleston Trixie EX 95-7E
  • Charleston Atlantic EX 92-7E
  • DoublWhammy Diamond EX 92-6E
  • BBK Julia EX 90-5E
  • Charleston Tammy EX 91-4E
  • Predator Apple EX 95-3E
  • DoublWhammy Diamant EX 91-3E
  • Gentleman Jasmine EX 91-2E
  • BB Lady EX 91-2E
  • Charleston Loretta VG 88
  • Dobbler Applebloom VG 88 (2nd calf)
  • Predator Pineapple VG 88
  • Doublbarrel Lolo VG 87 (2nd calf)
  • Gentleman Jazz VG 87 (2nd calf)
  • Gentleman Carry VG 86 (2nd calf)
  • Gentleman Jazzy VG 85 (Milking yeraling)
  • Doublbarrel Blanche Neige GP 84
  • -Bull – Ayr-Ouelle Hat Trick EX 90 (Owner Ayr-Ouelle Farm)
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