ABAB Calf Show Judge 2019 Ayrshire Show Announced

The ABAB Calf Show Judge for the 2019 Ayrshire Show Is Announced

The Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain & Ireland would like to introduce the Ayrshire Judge for the 2019 All Breeds All Britain Calf Show as Iwan Thomas.

Iwan Thomas Ayrshire judge for the 2019 ABAB Calf Show Photo credit: Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain & Ireland

Iwan was raised on a dairy farm in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. He currently lives a little further east in Neath with his wife Kay and their young twin daughters. Iwan has an interest across numerous breeds. His love of the Ayrshire breed started with two in calf heifers being purchased at the Teifi dispersal sale in 1999.  Both became long lasting cows in his herd and left a legacy of two wonderful cow families.

His passion for the dairy cow ignited his success in Judging through the YFC and HYB movements, progressing through to judging roles at local shows and to his professional career. Iwan has showed, clipped and worked with cows and calves across all breeds, especially in South Wales. In 2012, Iwan joined the NBDC team of classifiers, travelling across the country scoring cows from all breeds.

Iwan has had the pleasure to have judged at various local, regional and National shows across all dairy breeds, to notably include the National Ayrshire Show in 2015. He has a wealth of experience officiating at calf shows having judged at numerous club calf shows across the country. Iwan has previously judged the British Friesians and the Guernsey’s at the ABAB.

Iwan looks forward to casting his eye over the renowned quality that is always present in the Ayrshire classes and selecting his Champion Ayrshire calf for 2019 at the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show on Sunday 20th October in Peterborough.

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