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Test Results Clarify Altitude-P-Red’s Polled Status

Through repeated polled and parentage testing it was found that 7HO11898 BBM CP ALTITUDE-RED-ET does not transmit the polled gene as previous tests had revealed. A DNA identification sample switch early in his life caused this error. This status change was part of extensive re-testing performed on all polled sires marketed by Select Sires to confirm their polled status. As a Showcase Selections™ and FeedPRO® sire from the KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET (EX-95-2E-EX-MS-DOM) family, ALTITUDE-RED will remain in the Super Sampler™ lineup.

The polled trait in dairy cattle can only be genetic tested with haplotype marker testing, which does allow for rare errors to be made. This is quite different than actual gene testing that is available for genetic recessives like CVM or BLAD. In light of recent polled test results Select Sires Inc. has implemented detailed quality control measures, including multiple genetic test results utilizing multiple labs.

For further information contact your Select Sires representative or the Select Sires Inc. office at (614) 873-4683

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