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Tasmanian Holstein Breeder Leanne Dobson Receives Bette Hall Award

Leanne Dobson from Fairvale Holsteins, Tasmania, Australia ©ABC Rural News

Renowned Tasmanian Holstein breeder Leanne Dobson was recognised with the 2022 Bette Hall Award at IDW.

The award celebrates the strong, passionate and successful women involved in dairy.

Fairvale Holsteins closed its doors in 2018.

“The legacy that Fairvale Holsteins has left on the industry will take some time to be surpassed if ever,” ring announcer Stuart Lockhart said at IDW on Thursday.

Mrs Dobson was the main driver in all the breeding decisions made at Fairvale.

She assessed and correctively mated every cow, despite milking more than 300 head.

Being Tasmanian based prevented Fairvale from showing its own string of cows at IDW.

But it still produced champions, who were prepared and presented for showing by Victorian-based operations.

This included six IDW Holstein champion cows.

It has also exhibited three Australian Grand Champions since it was introduced at IDW in 2008.

Fairvale embryos were the first in Australia to be exported to Canada and its genetics have found their way into show rings across North America.

Fairvale also dominated in on-farm challenges in Tasmania for years and bred the first EX97-5E cow with Fairvale Morty Lady 51.

“Nobody could doubt Leanne’s love of cows and the industry and what is impressive is how humble she is about her breeding achievements,” Mr Lockhart said.

Previous winners of the Bette Hall award are:

2016 – Lyn Boyd.
2017 – Jenny Grey.
2018 – Palm Malcolm.
2019 – Lisa Broad.
2020 – Tricia Mc McCraw.


Source: Farm Online

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