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TAG part of the powerful Brazilian agricultural explosion

TAG is proud to announce a new society as owners of TAG Do Brasil. TAG-chosen logoThis company, headed by Jonei Bortolanza GM of Multi-Rural, is actively involved in farm pharmaceutical distribution.  They have the network and the tools to take TAG products to a new status.  The new office is located in Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina. Their exclusive distribution covers 3 states in the South: Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

Trans-America Genetics believes in the importance of the Brazilian Dairy Industry and its influence on global agriculture. This is the reason that Brazil was one of the first countries where TAG established a market. Brazil has one of the largest populations of dairy cattle worldwide and it is growing. TAG products have been introduced in this market and now with TAG Do Brasil in the hands of a young entrepreneurial group it’s time to move to a new level.

This dominant group now at TAG Do Brasil is led by the management team of Celso Barbiero, General Director, with Andre Luiz Dal Bello and Gilberto Terribile as Commercial Directors. It has a dozen distributors, 60 sales representatives, commercial support and a technical team. They are well positioned and ready to seize the potential of this important market.

Patrice Simard, President of TAG, comments, “We are committed to this market as we have been from the beginning and we are inspired to be working with this serious group. TAG Do Brasil now has the experience and the intensity to move forward at the rapid rate that TAG is accustomed to.”

Trans-America Genetics’ goal from day one has been to increase profitability for dairy producers. We are devoted to developing new and higher quality genetic products to increase efficiency on dairy farms. Sharing information, education and knowledge to farmers remains the priority of our genetic sales consultants. Together with TAG Do Brasil we will share our philosophy with Brazilian famers, TAG…Profitability through Genetics.

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