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TAG Expands its Sales Team into Ontario

Yann Bossel from Winchester, Ontario joins the Trans-America Genetics Sales team to establish a sales network in Ontario. Yann works on the family farm, Bobasyl, with his mother and brother and raises high pedigree heifers under the Liberty Gen prefix with his fiancée, Allison Lethbridge. Yann was very active in 4-H with many provincial and National awards to his credit. He sees Liberty Gen as a 4-H project taken to another level.

“I was lucky to have a father with vision; moving the family from Switzerland to Canada in 1983. He taught us to always look at the bigger picture, break down limitations, and be careful what you wish for. I think that TAG sees the bigger picture and doesn’t allow yesterday’s boundaries from looking out towards the future.” comments Yann.

Trans-America Genetics (TAG) specializes in genetics and marketing strategies for Holstein, Jersey and Ayrshire markets across the globe. The fast growing company aims at providing a high quality product that will favor superior conception rates with a genetic vision that focuses on true efficiency of milk production with more durable, long lasting cows. TAG uses genomics to identify the best individuals from deep pedigree sources to increase dairy enterprises’ profitability through genetics.

Trans-America Genetics has experienced rapid growth again in 2012 making 3 consecutive years where sales have doubled. The introduction of Yann will permit TAG to better service the progressive dairy farms of Ontario.

Yann is based in Eastern Ontario and will provide genetic support and accompany TAG members and clients to help maximize the use of genomics in their herds.

For more information:
Trans-America Genetics: 1-877-KALL-TAG or www.transamericagenetics.com
Yann Bossel: 613-913-5534

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