Sunflower Tribute Bettina Schuurman Milky Wave Inc.

Sunflower Tribute for Bettina Schuurman of Milky Wave Inc.

As a beautiful tribute to his late wife Bettina, Henk Schuurmans of Milky Wave Inc., has opened up his sunflower field to the public. Visitors are welcome to take as many flowers as they like. Henk is inviting visitors to leave a donation for the Woolwich Youth Centre, something he feels Bettina would have loved.

In the summer of 2018, Henk and Bettina set across Western Canada on their John Deere 6430 along with “Maple” a full-sized plastic cow that was strapped to the back. Their adventure was to promote the message of Canadian Quality Milk and the importance of the supply management system within Canada.

Tragedy struck when they were hit from behind by a semi-trailer and sadly Bettina passed away, while Henk sustained Critical injuries.

Once released from the hospital, Henk, along with his two daughters, Lize and Emily, completed the Canadian Milk Tour in Bettina’s memory.

Henk plans on opening his sunflower field to the public every year with donations going to a new charity each time. You can visit their farm at 1008 Jesse Place, Elmira, ON, Canada.

Cowsmo featured the Schuurman family throughout their travels. Read more here. 

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