Successful Classification round for Fairholm - Cowsmo

Successful Classification round for Fairholm

The classifier paid a visit to the Fairbanks crew at Fairholm in Anamosa, IA earlier this week and left some exciting results!

Classification Highlights

Ms-Aol Cntndr Revive-Red EX-93
Reserve All American R&W Junior 3-Year-Old 2017
Owned with Doug and Jody Fairbanks and Madison Fisher

River-Valley Barbara 5 now EX-93 2E 94-MS
*RC Goldwyn x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-93
Owned by Todd Mason

Welsh-Edge Explode Hayden-ET VG-89 EX-MS
2nd calf Explode x EX-91 Roy x EX-92 Durham Gingerheart x EX-90 Leadman
Owned By Doug and Jody Fairbanks

Genosource Cricket 34616 VG-88 @ 2-6
+3.81 PTAT *RC McCutchen x VG-88 Atwood x EX-94 Ms Candy Apple-Red x EX-96 4E Apple
Owned with Doug and Jody Fairbanks

Jo-Ed Cinco Aliance VG-88 
Cinco-P x VG-87 Crimson x VG-88 Linjet x EX-92 Talent x EX-90 Luck-E Blitz Alabama x EX-90 Skychief x EX-94 Hart-Lyn Starbuck Ashley
Owned by Doug and Jody Fairbanks

Ar-Line Awesme Wendy-Red-ET VG-86 88-MS
2nd senior 2-year-old & Reserve Intermediate Champion, Midwest R&W Spring Show 2019
Awesome x Ar-Line Advent Wine-Red EX-93
Owned by Todd Mason

Sheeknoll doorman Amelia-ET VG-85 86-MS 
Milking Yearling – 18 days fresh!
Doorman x EX-96 Sheeknoll Durham Arrow ~ Grand Champion WDE 2016
Owned by Todd Mason and Norman Bayless

Oakfield Sol Evangeline-ET VG-85 86-MS 
Solomon x Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95
Owned by Todd Mason

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