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Successful Classification at Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins had an exciting and successful classification. See some of their share worthy results here.

There were 5 New Excellents and 16 New VG 2 year Olds!

A-Mason Durham Lanny  EX-94
Deboer Dundee Snow Pea  EX-92
Nisly-Gen-A Atwood Velvet  EX-91 3y
Croaky-Pond Dundee Mint  EX-90 3y
Nisly-Gen Laramee Franchise  EX-90 4y
Tramilda Atwood Exhale  VG-88 3y
Tramilda Atwood Renita  VG-88 3y
Tramilda Observer Lynn  VG-86 3y

2 year Olds

Tramilda Atwood Rachel  VG-87
Nisly-Gen-Stun Brax Violet  VG-87
Duckett-SA Braxton Fran  VG-86
Pencroft G Chiffon  VG-86
Tramilda Atwood May  VG-86
Tramilda Goldwyn Rosabel  VG-86
Le-O-La Superson Golden  VG-85
KFH Erie Linda  VG-85
NY-Springlawn Wbrook Rae  VG-85
Groffdale Atwood Reececup  VG-85
Soldier-Rest Sanchez Kendra  VG-85
Tramilda Escalade Bloom  VG-85
Tramilda Atwood May-Be  VG-85
Tramilda Atwood Merry  VG-85
Tramilda At Woe-look-Out  VG-85
Tramilda Atwood Mocha  VG-85

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