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Succesful classification at Arethusa Farms

A very recent Jersey classification session at Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut yielded these outstanding results!

Elliotts Vivid Deluxe EX-95 (max score) -daughter of Vista EX-95 then Veronica
Bridon Verify Elevate EX-94 (max score)
Arethusa Vixens Presto EX-92
Elliotts Tequila Reese EX-91 (max score)
Arethusa Vida Tequila VG-89 (max score) – Tequila daughter of Veronica
Avonlea Gator Kimber VG-88 2y
Knappway BRC Bang A Gong VG-88 2y – Comerica daughter Owned by Joe Knapp

Other highlights include:

Arethusa Action Voice VG-88
South Mountain Verbatim Sapphire VG-88
Arethusa Tequila Velveteen VG-87
Arethusa Regan Camille VG-85





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