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Still Dreamn Dairy Highlights Ayrshire Classification Results

It was a beautiful day to classify some beautiful Ayrshires at Still Dreamn Dairy. With 35 Ayrshire head in the herd, their is now a 11 first lactation averaging 87 points and the 2nd lactation up is averaging 89 points! Fun fact: All ‘C’ names are descendants of Gatton Paddy Cherry EX-94!

Stil-Dreamn Vicking Chateau-ET EX-91

Classification Highlights
Junior 2-year-old

  • Stil-Dreamn Freebeer Corvette GP-81
  • Stil-Dreamn Gentleman Shania-ET VG-85

Senior 2-year-old

  • Stil-Dreamn Buddy Adabe-TW G-79
  • Stil-Dreamn Buddy Avabe-TW GP-84
  • Stil-Dreamn Lemken Chaos VG-86
  • Old-Bankston Predator Java VG-86
  • Stil-Dreamn Champ Joy VG-86

Junior 3-year-old

  • Stil-Dreamn Gentleman Shakira-ET GP-84
  • Old-n-Lazy Gentle Wiggle-ET VG-86

Senior 3-year-old

  • TriJ Burdette Cherokee VG-85


  • Stil-Dreamn Vicking Cha-Cha-ET VG-88
  • Stil-Dreamn Vicking Chateau-ET EX-91
  • Stil-Dreamn Vicking Constatine-ET EX-90

5-year-old & older

  • TriJ Burdette Chasity “CJ” EX-90
  • Stil-Dreamn HBCharlie Zoey EX-90 3E
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