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STgenetics® Shares Delta-LAMBDA’s Passing

STgenetics® is sad to announce that Farnear Delta-LAMBDA has passed. This high Type, high LPI sire’s popularity around the world is evidenced by his over 11,000 daughters. Juan Moreno, CEO of STgenetics® states, “Special bulls that leave an imprint rarely occur. We will miss you, Delta-LAMBDA.”

Whether it’s in the showring or in the barn, Delta-LAMBDA was bred to add profits. “His unique ability to put on a great udder and put milk in the tank no matter what kind of cow he was bred to shows the dominance in his genes!” says Tim Rauen of STgenetics®. “We were very saddened to hear of his passing but know that his legacy will live on through this many daughters both in North America and around the globe.”

From the beginning, Delta-LAMBDA was bred to make well uddered cows who you enjoy seeing every day. He was a DELTA son who went back to the infamous Lylehaven Lila Z cow. “LAMBDA has an incredible sire stack, DELTA, Numero Uno, Snowman, Planet, Shottle, Durham. These are some of the most popular bulls over the last twenty years. This along with being from the Lila Z family made for a bull who was going to make great daughters,” states breeder Tom Simon.

Internationally renowned, Delta-LAMBDA was known for his daughters who are consistently balanced, feminine heifers that develop into impressive cows with phenomenal mammary systems. Delta-LAMBDA’s dominance was first shown in August of 2020 when he received his first Proven proof where his Type traits shown bright through his daughters. Considered a generational bull by many, STgenetics®, although saddened by his passing, is looking forward to seeing the success his daughters and granddaughters will have in the years to come. His genetic legend will live on.

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