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Steven Boerchers & Ellen Gorter of Optimal Dairy Nominated for Manitoba Outstanding Young Farmer

Optimal Dairy was started near the town of Beausejour in the summer of 2009. Steven Boerchers and Ellen Gorter grew up on their parent’s respective dairy farms

in Laurier and Otterburne Manitoba and they decided it was time to venture out on their own.
They wanted their children to grow up enjoying the farming lifestyle and have a deep satisfaction of knowing where our food comes from. Steven and Ellen have waded deep into the financial and personal commitment that many young farmers face. Optimal Dairy operates under the prefix Rainyridge and Optimal, and is involved in the successful marketing of high end genetic cows. Moving closer to the city gave them the opportunity to host tours, buyers, and local dairy farmers for marketing purposes.

Currently Optimal Dairy is milking 90 cows, and farms 600 acres. Their focus is on producing the highest quality milk for our Manitoba consumers by putting emphasis on animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Steven and Ellen have a 2 year old daughter Everleigh and a baby due anytime. Steven and Ellen were raised in a tightly knit family farming environment and intend to provide the same for their children.

Steven and Ellen don’t just limit their enthusiasm to the farm. Both volunteer yearly at the Agriculture in the City event at The Forks in Winnipeg. They spend time working at the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba display demonstrating to urban residents, modern milking procedures. Ellen Gorter is also an Eastern Holstein Club director and Steven Boerchers takes part in many dairy shows and sale events.

Optimal Dairy is excitedly working on hosting a high end genetics cattle sale that will attract national and international buyers. This will be the first sale in the Beausejour area and will take place across the road from the Optimal Dairy farm at the local rodeo grounds on June 24, 2013.

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