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Springhill Guernseys Consigns to the Music City Celebration Sale

Springhill has updated their Facebook page with their consignments for the Music City Celebration Sale in Nashville, TN! They have consigned two of Jazzy’s exciting Drone October calves! 

Read more on Springhill who was featured in our Spring 2020 issue International Powerhouse – Springhill Guernseys & Holsteins

Visit their Facebook Page.


July 23, 2020: The Springhill Guernsey classification has been much anticipated since the onset of summer and the results did not disappoint! 10 new Excellent cows, 9 of which are  homebred & all were either 2nd or 3rd lactation!

H Broke Levi Tayte now EX-93(94MS) 2x AA including Unanimous AA Jr 3-year-old ’19

Classification Highlights

  • 2019 AA Jr. 2yrold “Joyce” EX92 @3-1
  • 2019 AA Jr. 3yrold “Tayte”EX93 (94MS)
  • 2019 AA Sr. 3yrold “Unique” EX92
  •  “Calypso”EX92 (2nd lact)
  • 2019 AA Nominated Jr. 3yrold and Jazzy daughter “Jazz” EX91 (2nd lact)
  •  “Scarlet”( Sister to AA EX94 Suede) is now EX90(92MS)
  • 2019 HM AA Jr 2yrold “Jarica” (EX90)
  • Other new Excellents included daughters of Joke , Unify, Jazmin , AJ and Conny!

2-year-old standouts

  • 5x National Jr. Champion & 2x AA heifer “Finale” VG88
  • polled Altitude x Unify “Unix” VG88(90MS) @2-4
  •  Jazzy Granddaughter “Double Jeopardy” VG87 @2-4

July 16, 2020:

Springhill is now home to 13 Excellent Holsteins after their latest classification round! With only 20 Holsteins residing at Springhill, this is an outstanding accomplishment!

Springhill-OH AW Cicely EX-93

Classification Highlights

    4 year old Cicely is a 10th generation home bred Excellent from the our Hope Family!
  • AFTERSHOCK KARLY now EX94 and her Bradnick daughter KATY is raised to EX92 (94MS).
  • MD-Maple-Lawn Doorm Cory (Doorman x EX95 AA Camomile) is now an EX91 Jr. 3 year old
    Residing at Springhill and owned by Doeberiener, Bowen, Fraley & Heath

Rounding out the Holstein portion includes VG 2-year-olds by Meridian, Solomon, Corvette, McCutchen and Archrival.

Guernsey highlights from classification will soon follow. Stay tuned for exciting results!

January 20, 2020: Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys has announced they are the recipients of 10 Guernsey All-American, 6 Reserve All-Americans and 2 HM All-Americans!

December 4, 2019: Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys consigns to the Music City Celebration Sale 3 in Nashville. Visit their Facebook page to see this exciting sale announcement!

November 29, 2019: Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys has announced their May 16th, 2020 Multi-Breed Sale!

August 7, 2019: Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys had a special classification round and it was well worth it! The 10 head classified resulted in 6 new EX and 2 EX scores were raised. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for photos and pedigrees on these exceptional ladies.

  • SV Heaths Colton Monique (Raised to EX94)
  • SV Heaths Harry Blondie (Raised to EX93)
  • SV Heaths Tequila Java EX91 (Max Score)
    Owned by; Stanford, Weiger, Starring, Pitterlee & Spring Valley
  • Nettle Creek Comerica Rosannne EX91
  • SV Sultan Harmony EX90
  • SV Heaths Axel Jaleel EX90
  • SV Heaths Tebow Saffron EX90
  • Cayenne Ripple-ET EX90
  • Pennwood Gentry Haven-ET VG87 @ 2-3
  • SV Heaths Applejack Jacoby VG85 @ 2-5

August 7, 2019: Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys had a successful day at the Ohio State Fair Guernsey Show held last weekend!  Highlights included Premier Breeder & Exhibitor, Grand Champion, Senior Champion, Intermediate Champion, Reserve Intermediate Champion, Junior Champion, Reserve Junior Champion, Futurity Winner, 9 individual class winners and 4 group class wins!

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