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Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys Rounded out 2021 with Incredible Classification Round

Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys rounded out 2021 with an incredible classification round! In total the herd stats were 36 Excellent, 20 Very Good, 4 EX-94, 6 EX-93, 3 EX-92, 7 EX-91 and 15 EX-90! Congratulations!

Classification Highlights
Raised in Score

  • SV Heaths Harry Blondie EX94
  • SV Heaths Tequila Java EX94 (Max)
    Owned by Stanford, Sell, Dinkell & Starring
  • Avon Road Premier Jessica EX94 (Max)
  • SV Heaths Fizz Cupid-ET EX93 (Max)
  • Dixies Colton Debonair EX93 (Max)

New Excellents

  • Reese Run Fizz Daphne EX92
  • SV Amedeo Heather EX91
  • SV Heaths VIP Constance-ET EX91 (Max)
  • South Mountain Chrome Rendezvous-ET EX91 (Max)
  • SV Heaths JJ Samuri EX90
  • Rivendale Colton Jane EX90
  • SV Heaths Caesar Jay EX90
  • 2nd Lactation Very Good
  • South Mountain Andreas Capri-ET VG88
  • SV Heaths Hgun Carmela VG87
  • SV Heaths VIP Jamocha VG87

1st Lactation

  • SV Fireman Harita-ET VG89 (Max)
  • SV Heaths Kidrock Jolene VG88
  • SV Heaths Kidrock Jasmin VG87
  • SV Heaths Joel Jameela VG87
  • SV Applejack Hilda VG87
  • SV Heaths Maverick Colleen-ET VG87
  • SV Vitality Honesty VG86
  • SV Heaths Kidrock Marley VG86
  • SV Heaths VIP Danica VG85
  • Heaths Casino Dalia VG85
  • SV Heaths Applejack Camryn VG85
  • Stoney Point Gentry Delish VG85
  • Heaths Gentry Bea-ET VG83

Previously Classified

  • SV Heaths Hunter Mascara EX94
  • SV Heaths Hilton Jane EX94
  • SV Heaths Applejack Willow EX93
  • SV Heaths Axel Jaleel EX93
  • SV Sultan Harmony EX93
  • SV Premier Halcyon EX93
  • SV Excite Harmony-ET EX92
  • Stee La Tequila Angel EX92
  • Crossbrook Magic Genie Delores-ET EX91
  • Stoney Point Colton Belinda EX91
  • Heaths Colton Journey EX91
  • SV Heaths Tebow Jasper EX91
  • SV Heaths Colton Brown Sugar EX90
  • SV Colton Hosanna EX90
  • SV Heaths Tebow Jonquil EX90
  • SV Heaths Colton July EX90
  • Twin County Colton Charisma EX90
  • SV Heaths Hgun Bikini EX90
  • SV Heaths Jane Austin EX90
  • SV Heaths Shotzky Rayjay EX90
  • Heaths Hgun Rayne EX90
  • Heaths Blackstone Song EX90
  • Cayenne Ripple EX90
  • Stoney Point Showdown Flo EX90
  • Lookout Incentive Glaze VG88
  • Hired Gun Rihanna-ET VG87
  • Pennwood Gentry Haven VG87
  • SV Heaths Applejack Jacoby VG85
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